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    Version 0.2f R1


    Controls: Switch on/off time circuits - + Destination time is entered via the keypad or top row of buttons on the keyboard, confirm your entry with the minus key - Open/Close doors on Jules Verne Train - T Open/Close rear tail gate on Docs truck - Y Change BTTF 2 DeLorean to hover mode - C Toggle cutscene / instant time travel - M Connect BTTF 3 railroad delorean to Rogers locomotive - Numpad 4 Rogers push BTTF 3 railroad delorean - Horn Alternate download link: Should you are have issues downloading the file from our website, please try the download mirror on Moddb on the link below: If you have issues installing the mod, please refer to the 0.2e install tutorial on youtube, as the same applies to the 0.2f installer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyaXgSMrQ6E
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    This question is just.. Uhm, nevermind. Go ahead. Do it. Pure speculation. Thus your speculation. Again, go ahead then. Especially since you think it's so simple. Just make it an awesome mod (I'm having a déjà vu). Yep, that's the mod team. As I get it, they'd rather do all the stuff themselfs rather than simply put all that ms-paint crap together that you can find on the net. And what do you have to contribute? It seems to me that you have absolutely no idea about the complexity of such a project. Or what GTAs and CLEOs limitations are. Modding a game which is not officially supported to be modded is not easy. There do exits growing informations for hacking GTA games but that doesn't mean it will all just work. It's far from just simply putting stuff together. You're living in a dream world. It doesn't make any sense to yell at a leaveless tree in the winter. --- Apart from that... don't spam, please. There are already plenty of threads regarding this kind of speculation. If you really can't hold yourself, spam there at least.
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    Here comes an update on my train a few things are missing so im going to add them. and im thinking of adding more of the back to the future stuff i have been doing so there is going to be more
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    i got two pics on deviant so that should work too i hope
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    So, any news on those VIN's yet, Steven?
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    Version 0.2f Update 01


    The first update to 0.2f. Simply install over the top of your existing installation of BTTF HV version 0.2f. The update addresses the following issues: -Reinstates the start line for the lightning strike run on Nov 12th 1955 -Reinstates the correct model when time travelling via the clock tower lightning strike -Fixes the crash caused when pushing the railroad DeLorean up to 88 mph with the Rogers 131 locomotive -Fixes the wormhole sound effect bug - Fixes traffic missing after a short time - Fixes spawning issues with Doc's truck and wrecks of it generating at Sunshine Autos - Fixes lights on Doc's truck (submission) causing a crash - Fixes the Jules Verne Timetrain dropping through the roof of Vercetti's Mansion - Fixes crash when timetravelling with the BTTF3 DeLorean using the remote control - Added (WIP) hover conversion animation for 2015 Luxor Cab Company Citroën DS Taxi - Added an ini-file to change keybindings (see bttf-hv.ini) - Added opcode definition for memory manipulation script in game script source to fix crashes when compiling custom changes - Remapped hover conversion keybind on 2015 Police car to use the global hover conversion button Also included are all of the source code files for the mod
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    Hello everyone! I created a sound pack for BTTF: SA from various sounds. This might be useful in 0.2f? Downloads in download section at the bottom of this post: Version 1: http://youtu.be/AGOCvAwwIX0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ New sounds used: New Cutscene Time Travel Sound New Mr. Fusion Sound New Time Circuit Keypad Sounds New Time Circuit Off Sound New Delorean Accelerate Sound New Delorean Engine Off Sound Sounds taken from BTTF: The Game and the BTTF Trilogy Movies. UPDATE: Version 2 has more accurate delorean acceleration in game. UPDATE: Version 3 is out! http://youtu.be/K4qy30ntUZc V3 includes: 3 Door Opening Sounds Engine Off Sound Engine On Sound 2 Hover On Sounds Hover Off Sound Time Circuit Keypad Number Sounds Time Circuit Keypad Enter Sound Time Circuit On Sound Time Circuit Off Sound 2 Mr. Fusion Open Sounds Mr. Fusion Refuel Sound Cutscene Reentry Sound Delorean Engine Idle Sound taken from a real delorean (Thanks Mike)! Delorean Acceleration Sound Delorean Engine Rev Sound Door Closing Sounds Please read the readme file. Good luck! All sounds were taken from the BTTF Movie, Telltale Games, or GTA SA itself (except for the delorean idle sound and part of one of the hover on sounds). Credits go to uokka for his hover on sound, which I mixed in with the Telltale one. UPDATE: Added Movie sound pack, with sounds extracted from the BTTF movies! http://youtu.be/nf65K41Q8Ts The movie sound pack includes the following: 1 Delorean Door Sound from each of the three BTTF movies 4 Engine Off Sounds 2 Engine On Sounds GENRL Vehicle Sounds (Not changed from Delorean Sound Pack V3) 2 Hover Mode On Sounds 1 Hover Mode Off Sound Time Circuit Keypad Sounds Time Circuit On Sound Time Circuit Off Sound Time Circuit Enter Sound 2 Mr. Fusion Open Sounds Mr. Fusion Refilling Sound 3 Cutscene Reentry Sounds 4 Time Travel Sparks Sounds DOWNLOAD SECTION: Download Version 1: http://goo.gl/InrNPR Download Version 2: http://goo.gl/Dpv8TZ Download Version 3: http://goo.gl/WzCWMH Download Movie Sound Pack (Version 4): http://goo.gl/qCB4kW See you in the future! -BTTFModMachine
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    A few updated photos with the green undercarriage and white hover lights. Soon to add neon rope :-)
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    here's an idea, if you want a mod done, start a team and get it done yourself, that's what we did
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    My turn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXdIRg6C6o8
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    The beta version of animations Truck and skin Marty for gta sa converted from GTA IV This mod will not be published! loans to model the van belongs to the authors 0.2е please comment on
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    Compared to this site's mod team, I am not skilled. The work to create a mod requires far more skill than to edit one.
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    Sorry, but I am unable to see your video. :/ EDIT: Nevermind, it appears I'm having a connection problem with the Youtube servers. EDIT 2: I just was able to see the video. Nice work! The ironic thing is that I used the same engine sound for my SA mod, but I edited it to incorporate the Porsche 928 engine sound as in the film. Here is actually a showcase video which I was going to post on the forum, but never did because Uokka and I updated the model. At the time, Uokka and I were modifying the Crysis DeLorean to look like the BTTF II version along with having some nice modifications. In particular, these were textures and the process of adding real working lights to the car (as you can see at night). We both always found it a little odd how the rearlamps didn't work on the Crysis conversions. You can also hear the door and engine sound modifications which I've made in the video.
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    I recall this being brought up before, in the original forums, I think. (Is that old site still up? I kinda miss it.) Clara was actually moving her head left and right, perhaps looking for the blacksmith who was supposed to pick her up. If it wasn't for Doc saving her life, she would probably be p**sed at him. lol.
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    Hello everyone! I've taken a break from modding BTTFSA and started my own custom mod for SA. Due to the lack of NFS mods for GTA on the web, I've started a NFS Most Wanted mod with custom vehicle edits and some scratch-made CLEO mission(s). I had to do my own voiceovers to adapt the NFS missions to SA. Official Need For Speed: Most Wanted: San Andreas Forum: http://s13.zetaboards.com/NFS_Most_Wanted_SA/index/ Here are some of my edits: The mission I am working on currently is the final chase scene. I could use some help with this. Here's my problem: Instead of escaping the police by driving across an incomplete bridge, I've set the player to enter a plane created at the Las Venturas airport. However, I have to create the plane when I am not even in close proximity to its spawn location. Therefore, when I actually get to the airport, the plane is not there. Is there a way to keep the plane from despawning? Here is my code: Here is a screenshot of the start of the mission: UPDATE 11/15/14: Here's my in-game features edits: UPDATE 11/15/14: Here are some of my vehicle updates: UPDATE 12/30/14: Mod Video 1: http://youtu.be/bke8ISZLKiE Mod update which includes: New Loading Screens and Menu Music 2 versions of the BMW M3 GTR (one slow and one fast) fully adapted to Improved Vehicle Features with custom handling, engine sounds taken from NFS Carbon, and a "cutscene accurate" vinyl. Cutscene vinyl: Police Corvettes modified by me (includes Cross' Corvette and the Heat 6 Federal Undercover Corvette) with engine sounds taken from NFS Carbon. Claude Player Model (The only shot of the player in Most Wanted was him in a black motorcycle jacket with black hair). Time Increasing Wanted Level Script scratch made by me. Police radio call when wanted level increases (not fully functional yet). DOWNLOAD: Not yet. Still bugs to be worked out. Wanted levels: 1,2 - Regular Cop Cars 3 - Regular Cop Cars and NFS Helicopter 4 - Cop Cars and Federal Corvette Enforcers 5 - Cop Cars and Federal Undercover Corvette FBI NOTES: Cross comes and chases you (Tenpenny ped) when your wanted level is 4 or higher. The only way to get a heat level 5 is by playing the final chase mission (similarly to heat level 6 in NFS: Most Wanted). The wanted level script will remember your max wanted level. So, if you escaped a wanted level 4, the next time you get a wanted level, it will reset to 4. I am looking for experienced SA coders that can help me make more of this mod a reality. I will need good examples of your proficiency in CLEO and possibly C++ and ASM. If you are interested, please message me on Youtube, GTAForums, or BTTF: HV forums. My username on GTAForums is Agent 86, and my username on BTTF: Hill Valley is BTTFModMachine. The BTTF: HV forums is not accepting any new members, though. Credits: Full nitro control mod by Wesser. Until Next Time, -BTTFModMachine
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    i wouldnt advise calling admins names
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    Nice Ad-Hominem coming from you . Oh, so "HQ" means "big files". I'm so happy you have finally decided for us what "HQ" must be... and here I was thinking it meant "High Quality"... Mini-Me already replied with the tech stuff. It's great your computer can load a big model; how many big models can Vice City's game engine load? Another nice Ad-Hominem I changed my italics to underline, to make the emphasys more obvious. Keep it nice, please...
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    the game crashing is a feature, tells you when you've been playing too long
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    I DON'T GUARANTEE THIS WON'T MAKE THE GAME CRASH, BUT THEY DO WORK ME SilentPatch - This fixes lot of issues present in VC for example road reflections when it's raining Widescreen fix - Better support for Widescreen resolutions ie.crosshair misaligning fix, correct FoV, proper HUD scaling, etc. (hover your cursor over the image to see the old ugly scaling) GInput - XInput controller support. vibrations etc. Ped Speed Patch - Not as important, but this fixes peds rarely speaking For more VC issues I recommend to visit PCGW page of the game Hope you guys find this post useful!
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    In your So Many Others link, it doesn't show that at all. This cannot be done in GTA VC or SA, due to memory restrictions. What is shown in the video is ways to remotely cause the delorean (or multiple deloreans) to time travel without RC mode or getting inside the car.
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    it i know. because I have seen movies sorry bad english
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    And so the long journey begins. There's lots of tutorials on this around the net but I'll sum it up for you. Open the model in sketchup and open the texture window or material window or whatever and start right clicking on all the textures and saving them to a new location. Resize and rename them to work in a txd. 128, 256, 512, 1024, any variation of that pixel size. Reimport them one at a time and they should not distort. You'll need 3ds max with Kams maxscripts of course or don't even try this. Import a VC car into max and go to file and export a 3ds of the car. Import it into sketchup as any object and scale down the sketchup model. They're usually wayyy too big. Save it and export it as a 3ds which does require the premium or trial version of SU. Import that 3ds into max and render it to see what it looks like. It may ask for the location of the textures so locate them. If the textures do not appear open the material editor and use the medicine dropper tool to touch each texture and see if the texture is in the window. Each texture does not need to be manually converted to a GTA type but if it looks dark in game you'll need to adjust the Colored box to the right of the texture in the window. Export it as a dff for VC and you'll need a col script. I use col IO 2.b. Go to the modify tab and select vertex mode and weld all the vertexs to about .0001. Run the col script, surface parameters, set surface, create boundings, and save the col. Then download and open steves col editor and save the col as col type 3. Sketchup is awful for collision models so it's likely you'll have the create a new, much simpler model to use as the col model. If you don't know what a col model is you shouldn't be trying this either. Then put all the textures with the correct names in a txd using txd workshop. It's assumed you know how to put it in game but if not well, you need to read those tuts. I hope you don't think it's as easy as running it through a program or two and expecting a perfect dff, txd, AND col to pop out. It's an artform that tends to require lots of experience. If that sounds overwhelming you'll now know why not just anyone can create mods. You need at least a piece of a brain. Good luck!
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    Managed to get the flying delorean to work. Although this one will be tricky because it uses the helicopter controls which have less buttons. Changing the time circuits in flight will be impossible. Maybe even the thrust that pushes the DeLorean forward might be impossible. I will have to experiment more with it but I think I need to sort out the collisions or something as Mr Fusion and the front part are spinning like they're helicopter blades. This will be fixed soon but here is some proof that it works
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    Managed to get nowheel mod to work! I was doing it wrong haha xD nowheel.dff just needs to be in the root directory of the game files on iOS. But here's a picture of the BTTF3 DeLorean with the classic 50's tyres ;P
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    It's December guys, it'll be surprise
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    Everybody knows them, some people hate them while others just accept they are there, or even appreciate them. What I'm talking about are updates. Whether it's your operating system, like Windows in most cases, or web browser - every software nowadays is frequently supplied with updates, and so is our forum software. This version that you're currently looking at, version 3, was released in June 2009. We right away decided that we want to upgrade our dated website as soon as possible. There was only one requirement: we wanted to design an own skin for the forum, so that we don't just look like any other copy of Invision Power Board. But, if you look at a calendar you'll notice that June 2009 was by now more than 3 years ago. Because creating an own skin for a software as big as this takes a lot of time and by far is not easy we simply didn't get around to doing that, so we kept pushing back the update. Due to problems with the old version of the software though that started to arise lately we decided to ditch that idea for now and just upgrade. A skin can come once it's ready. So here we are, in a fresh, new environment. What's new? So you might be asking yourself now what is new. To be honest, we don't really know every detail for ourselves and have to get used to this change now, too. So please excuse us if there's things not working, we might not even be aware of it. What I can say though is: Shoutbox The shoutbox is gone for now. Instead, you'll now find a Chat tab at the top of the page. Clicking it you'll land in a chat room that functions pretty much identical to the old shoutbox, however it has a few limitations. Because it is just the default licence that is included with the forum only 5 people can use it simultaneously. Anyone who clicks the chat tab when there's already 5 people in it wont even be allowed access. Instead it'll for some reason prompt you for a username and a password. We don't exactly understand what's that supposed to mean and why it's not right away denying access, because even us moderators and admins cannot bypass the 5 users limit. But we'll investigate into that in the future. We also don't know for sure yet if we'll stick with the solution, seeing that 5 users is quite little, and an upgrade to 20 costs $20 a year, and, even more importantly, the chat can't be embedded in the forum frontpage like the shoutbox used to be. Let's see, maybe we'll find something better. Please see below, the shoutbox returned and replaced the chat. User profile pictures/avatars The old version of the forum allowed everyone to link to an external picture as avatar that's shown next to each post, and IFT Investors additionally to upload a user profile picture that's shown in their profile. These two features have sort of been merged. You no longer are able to link external avatars and your existing links are gone, but now either can upload one, or choose to show your avatar from Gravatar. The default maximum upload size is 50KB, which seems like a fair amount to me. If it's too little, just talk to us. Also if you want to reuse your old picture and only had it stored online and don't anymore know the link to it by heart you can ask us and we'll probably look the link up for you in a backup of the database before the migration. Downloads While the downloads system is pretty much the same there's one easy statement we can make about its current state: "It means that this damn think doesn't work at all!" If you try to download any file that existed on the site before the migration you'll notice that you don't actually get the file, just a nearly blank page saying "here's your downloads". We are aware of the issue and try to fix as soon as possible. The issue was fixed, please see blow. Mobile Additionally to featuring a mobile skin optimized for smartphones, the new version of the forum software has built in support for a smartphone app. Currently, according to the developer of the forum software, it only is available on iOS, but it should soon arrive on Android. To use it, download the IPS Communities app from the AppStore (while it says on their homepage that it costs $2 it seems that due to many unsatisfied users they made it available for free). Using it you should be able to add this forum to it and set it up to receive push notifications when there's something new here on the forum. If you go to the User Control Panel by clicking your name in the upper right corner of the page and navigate to My Settings -> Notification Options you can quite detailed specify about what you want to receive push notifications. At the bottom of each page in the mobile version it'll also give you the same hint that there is an app for this. Reputation It's been quite a while ago, but in the very first forum hosted on this site there was a reputation system. If you liked a post, you could click a button to express that. The user then got added a point to his personal account. From the amount of points the user had one could tell how much reasonable content a user contributes. This system now is back! Below every post there now is a "Like this" button - much like on Facebook. Click it, and you'll see the member's likes on his profile increase. And that's the most notable changes I can think of so far. If you notice anything that's not working, misbehaving or otherwise strange that I didn't list here don't hesitate to contact us. See you in the future! The BTTF HV Team
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    Basically the only thing thats going to be better than our deloreans is if we were to scan the deloreans used in the film, and seeing as they are either, destroyed, in private collections or encased in glass i dont think we can do that also not to mention how high poly they would be i would never let that into the mod, i dont even like how high poly carlos deloreans are but they were adeed before i joined officially
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    See this thread: http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/5841-quick-fixes-for-some-issues/ It includes various fixes including the lightning strike crash.
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    it doesn't work on Win8 64 bit (I know since I use that system), but it might work on Win 8 32 bit, not sure about that
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    Yeah, I'll get right on that. The only problem with the time increasing wanted level script is that the wanted level is not "normalized" on all islands. I go from SF to LA and the wanted level lowers automatically. I have to find a way to change that. If anyone can help me out with that, I would appreciate it. I would be posting this mod on GTAForums for questions, but mods from NFS games are considered "illegal" there. I can only post general coding questions there, and most of the time I don't get helpful responses. The only person that really helped me out a lot was ZAZ (Maybe you've heard of him). Also, my topics seem to be forgotten after one day on GTAForums.
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    For anyone that is interested, my progress with the models so far have been going slow these days, why? because i have gone back to school. but i've started the inside of the Delorean so i got that going on for me. aaand i have tested all of my BTTF relatad models in Unity(Game engine) and had fun with that. and to have even more fun, i have tested to sit inside my delorean with the Oculus rift and that was one big dream come true.. sorta.. im also that kinda guy that dont like to spend to much time on a project so i move from project to project, its still BTTF related and these is the other models i'm working on: Delorean Jules Verne train Hill Valley town square Citroen taxi cab Griff's car 2015 Ferrari
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    I adjusted the volume of the engine idle sound to match another engine idle sound's volume from another sound pack. The engine idle clip's pitch needs to be increased by 17% in order to sound normal in game. Compare the in game engine pitch with the second clip Mike posted of his delorean engine. They sound about the same.
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    I do doctor who with 3ds max 2014. it came from the game with Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock but I want it send to gta sa. maybe can send with gta vc.
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    Trailer will be put together just as soon as I have the latest models through (1955 courthouse square is now complete) Feel free to pay Liam/Carlos/DK/Mini-Me/Blue to work on it full time, we have jobs and lives - and this is a mod/hobby for us. I don't see anyone flocking to offer help with modelling etc, these things take time.
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    hack is such an arbitrary word now days
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    Earn some money?!?... Just wait until 0.2f comes out like the rest of us.
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    For future reference, post short questions such as this one in the shoutbox, or search more closely before asking.
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    Moved in the right section of the forum and changed a little the title! They are the standards game effects, so they are not movie accurate. And RobertBlox, in response to your comment in the video, yes I know about that extra parts can be used for the bands, it's just they don't have the same glowing effect of the corona.
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    It's the "It's sooo cool. I'd like to have it. But wait, what about this feature?" aspect. Some people want more, better, and more detailed mods in less and less time. Modding takes time. Impatience makes that time seem to stretch out infinitely, like the space time continuum.
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    I tried... Making all the letters and numbers was the hardest thing to do... I had to buy stickers cut in the shape of the letters/numbers and paste the stickers on the aluminium plate, finding those stickers was hard in my town -__-
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    That model looks great! There's some crackling in your video. Maybe that's just my computer. I'm glad you liked the sounds!
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    I know what you're talking about. However, people in my organization community seem to understand better. Designing and creating takes time. Nothing finishes itself. Anyone heard of Murphy's Laws? One of them is: "Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse."
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    If you're going to do this, at least post some screenshots. And trust me, never feel bad for taxi drivers, I am one. Next year our whole fleet is getting replaced by 2015 Luxor Citroen DS taxi's. And total editing of that car is hard to make things like checker lines line up because they used two textures. Grrr that sucks still. Maybe one day I can fix it.
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    for the gullible people here
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    Are you able to install the wheel mod so that the DeLorean's have their proper wheels?
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    You should have ALL your installs on a separate hard drive. I have 20 different SA installs on an external. No installing and uninstalling, no one single install. If you lost your own content without backing it up after installing a mod, that's a super noob move on your part. Sure we'll take it under advisement but you know I have no sympathy at all for you. Loosing data seems to be a habit of yours.
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    I don't know if you guys saw this video : Looks like they did an amazing job on the A-Car
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