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    0.2f models for GTA SA

    You are better off waiting now for the 0.2g DeLorean to be released which incorporates all variations of the time machine in one model. Bttf 1 DeLorean Bttf 1 DeLorean with hook Bttf 1 DeLorean without hook Bttf 2 DeLorean Bttf 3 off road DeLorean Bttf 3 railroad DeLorean
  2. It's been a long time since the forum has had any use, but if I recall correctly you need to be an 'advanced member' to make profile changes. The way to get to advanced back in the day was by contributing to topics (15 posts I think was the magic number).
  3. That is to be expected as it's a very old link. Also checking @BTTFModMachine's profile they have not visited the forum since 2015.
  4. Try the DeLorean Time Machine Builders Group on Facebook, there is a lot of reference information in that group.
  5. We moved to Discord. Nos mudamos a Discord. https://bttfhv.com/discord
  6. I think we still have this, in fact I’m fairly sure that it is included in the forthcoming 0.2g.
  7. It looks like the file was removed from who ever was storing it on their google drive. Maybe worth sending a PM to Antonis_Greek to see if they still have the files stored offline? FWIW we are working on an updated version BTTFHV for GTA SA - this is still in the early stages at this time, we have posted a couple of teaser shots on discord and other social media channels. The updated version will of course feature Carlos' 0.2f DeLorean models which are carcols compatible.
  8. Then I would suggest finding somewhere else more appropriate to make those posts.
  9. You got re-banned by Leaf. Hardly surprising after the barrage of posts you made which had nothing whatsoever to do with the mod or bttf. Likewise all of your random posts on the forum here which I have deleted - if you want to post that stuff then you need to find a forum/discord that is interested in that topic.
  10. Ok, I dropped you a friend request on discord - if you see a request from dmc4708 that’s me.
  11. Hi, we did change the invite link some time ago so it is possible you tried to join via an old link. This should take you to the current invite: https://bttfhv.com/discord if you still have issues joining drop me a message with your discord username and I'll take a look for you. 0.3 has been shelved for now, in favour of 0.2g which is currently in active development. Update videos for 0.2g can be found on our YouTube dev channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/BTTFHillValleyDev/videos
  12. Stand at the back of the car next to the Mr. Fusion and press the TAB key on the keyboard. All of the controls should be detailed in the readme file included with the mod.
  13. – February 04 2022 Maintenance release to address compatibility issues running the mod under Windows 10. • Incorporates latest source code release to installer (Nov 05 2010) • Added Silent’s ASI Loader v1.3 • Added Silent Patch v1.1 for GTA SA • Added Open Limit Adjuster v1.5.8 Download link: Back to the Future SA Mini Mod - Main Releases - Back To The Future: Hill Valley (bttfhillvalley.co.uk)
  14. If you are having issues, do the following: -Install a fresh copy of GTA San Andreas -Install the BTTF mini mod version -Install Silent Patch to your GTA SA directory -Install Silent’s asi loader, overwrite the existing vorbis dll files in your GTA SA directory Since I found the install script for the SA mod a few days ago on an old hard drive, I may well update it to include Silents patch and asi loader and upload a new version of the installer which is windows 10 compatible. Edit - updated installer published today, as always it is recommended to install the mod over the top of a fresh/clean install of GTA San Andreas: https://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/index.php?/files/file/109-back-to-the-future-sa-mini-mod-0144/
  15. Try the following from this site: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas | Silent’s Blog (cookieplmonster.github.io) 1) Download and apply the latest Silent patch for GTA SA 2) Download and apply Silent's ASI Loader
  16. I’ve updated the discord invite link, it should work again now. Here it is for ease: https://bttfhv.co.uk/discord
  17. I was trying to work out how you managed a two hour video on the mod, and then the crashes started Re the R2 release/developmental builds, hit one of us up on the Discord channel and we'll see if we can talk you through getting it working. (if you're on windows 10 then temporarily disabling any anti-virus applications may help as some return a false positive on the installer)
  18. If you are using 0.2f then the DeLorean models are carcols compatible, so add your colours into that file.
  19. Welcome back! Join the Discord channel as most of the discussion takes place there now.
  20. Hi, welcome back to the mod! - The vehicles can not stay on train tracks, no matter what. The Roger's Locomotive time trivel just goes off-road until reach the sea This is caused by a col issue with the tracks, this will be fixed in next update - The rook can no be placed in BTTF 1 DeLorean, and I've missed the ringing clock and the start mark on the road Fixed in the next update - I can't repair the damaged veichles anywhere, or get them refueled Fixed in 0.3
  21. Time for a little bump on this topic.
  22. Not a bug, your PC lacks the requirements to play version 0.2f of BTTF HV.