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  1. With no apparent errors my advice is to #1 set compatibility mode to XP (right-click gta-vc.exe) #2 check Disable visual themes there (it can help sometimes) #3 if none of the above works try to reinstall the mod using this.
  2. Any further info? About your OS and specs?
  3. Even with the update installed?
  4. Is it from Steam? If so, have a look at this thread:
  5. The update is out!
  6. Nov 12th, 1955: final touches (ignore the lights...) The rule (too) much cars = (too) much memory is still valid. The next update will take into account all that.
  7. Thank you Mike!
  8. No, it's just waiting for Godot (the mall) to come. When 0.2f came out it was simply unfinished, I guess, and still waiting for an update.
  9. No mall yet (is coming), the start line only appears on Nov 12th, 1955.
  10. ... and yes, still working on the next update (parked cars): EDIT: It's a bit dark out there... just my settings.
  11. Yes. Traffic slowly decreases until 10:04 P.M. then it starts increasing again.
  12. Having fun with cars (next update): 1950s (D.Jones ahead!) 1930s 1920s
  13. It's a bit OT but my biggest disappointment is still about the cropped IMAX screen on dvd for The Ride.