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  3. Hello, BTTF Fans! i hope i am not asking too much if I could just get the carpack for GTA SA that corresponds to the year you are in? like 1930's to 2015+ I would love to add it to the custom mod I downloaded.
  4. And if I can download this on iPad i tried to download this it doesnโ€™t work because I donโ€™t know how
  5. How can I download this on my iPad mini NO JAILBREAK i do not use jailbreak because I donโ€™t have it on my iPad i been wishing for this mod for years for my ipad and Ps... I donโ€™t have a computer...so I only can play my ipad
    How can I download this on my iPad mini I have gta vice city app tell me now because I been waiting for 3 years or 2 please tell me or make video i do not use jailbreak i been wishing for the mod on my iPad mini for a long time
  6. Hi everyone! I installed the 0.2f R2 version to my VC and when it loads the car models are weird . Those are the original GTA vehicles without wheels.... the sound effects works and the time travel too but the vehicles not. Is there any solution for this? Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone I have a problem with main.scm. After compiling the main.txt I have crashes mod under a new game and also opcodes added which were in folder src. Please help
  8. Sorry if this has been asked before, but There's a mod that unifies all the cities from the 'GTA trilogy' onto one map, called 'State of Liberty' I believe. Would it be possible to make the DeLorean and/or train compatible with that mod as well? It would be pretty heavy to be able to zip around Liberty City, then hit up Las Venturas, then cruise down Ocean Beach in style! Especially if they incorporate(d) the 'stories' versions of the cities as well
  9. Greetings fellow Time Travelers! Just popping in to say I'm glad to see this mod is still in the works and making some great progress since I last checked a few years ago! I remember when it first started in the early 2000s with the time traveling Delorean eventually train being added to Vice City, and fun to see it evolve from there. It was so much fun running down peds and then hitting 88 before Tommy could get busted by the cops. Downloaded the most resent release, looking forward to trying it out! Wish I could contribute to the mod in some way, but alas, all I can offer is a very hearty, and enthusiast "Great work! Keep it up!" When the mod is eventually completed, Tommy should be a bonus playable character for old time sake
  10. well after 1 or 2 months of begging people for stuff (sorry) i finally made a custom modpack for gta san andreas with the previous post BELOW the larger 1885 map mod is also included (thanks nickumtoo) i fixed all errors and just piled them all up and the only thing u have to install is this there will be 3 folders or 4 spoilers exist yay well thats it if u want anything i got an entire folder full of mods download soon????????????? i hope my hands hurt and this is literally a big s**tpost goodbye
  11. hi mini-me can u give me the link to the bttf mod for gta 4


  12. Does anyone have a link for the full release of this ,San Andreas: Larger 1885 Map Mod ? I did download it way back but can't seem to find it on my old dvd's.
  13. Idk, i think it was the 2012 version. Also, i already found the solution, is on the spoilers
  14. hi, my bttf vice city is not loading it loads to the main menu but then when i go to new game it crashs and it says unhandled exception: c0000006 at address: 0048ac61 can anybody help me pls
  15. dunno if you have fixed this problem but there's an exe killer to manually kill the crashed GTA VC process, i think it was bundled into the BTTF HV install location and all?
  16. Okay.. I see the main.scm is protected by the author. Im good with scripting and I want to change some things in the main... Is that possible?
  17. which kr mode first of all btw maybe like jan 3 2012? idk just send me the link ill try get a solution
  18. When you are with the BTTF2 Delorean and Activates Hover Mode, the Game suddently crashes. Different of how it works with BTTF4 Blue Delorean, that works properly. To prevent the crash from happening, you need to delete two files in the CLEO folder: I notice it was these two files when i was trying to find a solution using Sanny Build 3. These two files contained the id of the Hover Mode BTTF2 Delorean (A.K.A SPARROW) and no presence of the id for the BTTF4 Hover Mode Delorean (RNCHLURE). Because if BTTF4 Delorean worked without a problem, then it couldn't be in the same script as the BTTF2 Delorean (because it would crash too).
  19. Uh, There's any way to change the Reverse Boost key? or they are attached with the Reverse Car Function? I tried changing the "00E1: player 0 pressed_key 14" to "0AB0: key_pressed:49" and even "00E1: player 0 pressed_key 18". Every time i open the game after changing the value it crashes on the Loading Screen. Idk if you could help me, but i just wanted to know if they are attached.
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