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  1. Dear admin. Why can't I add comments on the forum? The number of content decreased from 54 to 14. Why is this happening? Did I do something that is prohibited?

    Can you answer please?


    1. Mike


      The forum was invaded by spam bots last week, so we made the decision to remove posting abilities and also disable registration for new users.   The forum is essentially here for archive purposes now, as all chat and updates have moved to our Discord. 

    2. Kadir Misiroglu

      Kadir Misiroglu

      I'm really upset about this. I hope one day our site will return to its former state. Good day, Mr. Mike. 

  2. Mike

    0.2f models for GTA SA

    You are better off waiting now for the 0.2g DeLorean to be released which incorporates all variations of the time machine in one model. Bttf 1 DeLorean Bttf 1 DeLorean with hook Bttf 1 DeLorean without hook Bttf 2 DeLorean Bttf 3 off road DeLorean Bttf 3 railroad DeLorean
  3. It's been a long time since the forum has had any use, but if I recall correctly you need to be an 'advanced member' to make profile changes. The way to get to advanced back in the day was by contributing to topics (15 posts I think was the magic number).
  4. That is to be expected as it's a very old link. Also checking @BTTFModMachine's profile they have not visited the forum since 2015.
  5. Try the DeLorean Time Machine Builders Group on Facebook, there is a lot of reference information in that group.
  6. We moved to Discord. Nos mudamos a Discord. https://bttfhv.com/discord
  7. I think we still have this, in fact I’m fairly sure that it is included in the forthcoming 0.2g.
  8. It looks like the file was removed from who ever was storing it on their google drive. Maybe worth sending a PM to Antonis_Greek to see if they still have the files stored offline? FWIW we are working on an updated version BTTFHV for GTA SA - this is still in the early stages at this time, we have posted a couple of teaser shots on discord and other social media channels. The updated version will of course feature Carlos' 0.2f DeLorean models which are carcols compatible.
  9. Then I would suggest finding somewhere else more appropriate to make those posts.
  10. You got re-banned by Leaf. Hardly surprising after the barrage of posts you made which had nothing whatsoever to do with the mod or bttf. Likewise all of your random posts on the forum here which I have deleted - if you want to post that stuff then you need to find a forum/discord that is interested in that topic.
  11. Ok, I dropped you a friend request on discord - if you see a request from dmc4708 that’s me.
  12. Hi, we did change the invite link some time ago so it is possible you tried to join via an old link. This should take you to the current invite: https://bttfhv.com/discord if you still have issues joining drop me a message with your discord username and I'll take a look for you. 0.3 has been shelved for now, in favour of 0.2g which is currently in active development. Update videos for 0.2g can be found on our YouTube dev channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/BTTFHillValleyDev/videos