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Back to the Future SA Mini Mod

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About This File

Back to the Future SA Mini Mod

By the Back to the Future Hill Valley Team

We are proud to announce the release of BTTF:SA. Unlike the VC mod, this will NOT be a total conversion, but will serve more as an addon. Because it uses CLEO, you do not need to start a new game, and as such, updates will be much more frequent.

Requirements - Please note, you will need Microsoft .NET framework v1.1 or higher installed in order to run this setup file.

. BTTF II DeLorean
. Flying DeLorean - with hover conversion animation (switch and boost)
. RC mode
. Refuelling with animated Mr. Fusion
. Engine ignition on/off
· Instant and cutscene time travel modes
· Programmable time circuits using the either the numpad or the numbers on the top of the keyboard
· Speedometer
· Time Travel and Time Circuit Sounds
. Hover conversion now works with velocity in all 3 axes
. New coils, wormhole, sparks, plasma effects and fire trails
. Post time travel vent steam and cold effects
. Time travel sequence sound
. New keypad with new sounds
. Vent lights
. DeLorean lights (headlights, flux, wheel lights, green lights)
. Realtime added
. Departure Implosion and Re-entry explosion added
. Removed heat haze, vertigo, and motion blur

Once downloaded, simply run the setup file and install on a clean/fresh copy of GTA San Andreas, once completed you will be able to play the game.


Changelog (main release – February 04 2022)
Maintenance release to address compatibility issues running the mod under Windows 10.
•    Added latest source code release to installer
•    Added Silent’s ASI Loader v1.3
•    Added Silent Patch v1.1 for GTA SA
•    Added Open Limit Adjuster v1.5.8 (source code release – November 05 2010)
•    Complete rewrite of source code, new bugs might be there
•    DeLorean Handling tweaked some more. Less fishtaily, more performance.
•    RC Mode should work properly now
•    First person driving camera replaces bumper camera (but you won't be able to see effects through the windshield)
•    Autopilot added
New controls:
-Press Z while on foot to enable the autopilot on the DeLorean. It must be fuelled and have its time circuits on. Press it again to have it land, in case of obstructions for instance. (source code release – February 28 2010)
•    Adds sparks (beta)
•    New handling for every single car
•    Tweaked acceleration for flying DeLorean
•    Reverted spawn to original spawn in (model update/patch – November 24 2009)
•    Fixes DeLorean lighting issues. Still has mesh errors though. (source code release – November 21 2009)
•    Fixes the post-time travel effects so they work more then once (source code release – November 16 2009)
•    Adds two new effects. Vents and cold effect after time travel (source code release – October 26 2009)
•    New coil glows
•    Also new key mapping;
* on the numpad is the new fly key (alternate fire [left ctrl] is still there for laptop users)
- is the time circuit confirmation for both the keyboard and numpad (no more enter problems) (source code release – October 14 2009)
•    Adds engine ignition off (Key I)
•    Adds RC mode (Key R) (Acceleration and braking are mapped to w/s and up/down. Handbrake is currently the aim button. Flying RC doesn't work the same. Pressing w/s and up/down tilts the DeLorean.  Open to suggestions to any other keys so it doesn't interfere with the tilt keys)
•    Weather changes on time travel
•    More under the hood changes (source code release – October 09 2009)
•    Added multiple time machines
•    Entire source code rewritten (source code release – October 07 2009)
•    Adds Outside Time Travel
•    Partially Rewrote Time Travel Sequence
•    Refuelling animations
•    Only destination flashes when date entered
•    Fixed Cutscene Bug (source code release – October 05 2009)
•    Added Refuelling. No texture yet for the empty light
•    Also added ignition sounds from VC
•    Lots of under the hood changes (main release – October 03 2009)
•    New wormhole, plasma, and fire trail effects
•    Cutscene time travel mode added
•    Realtime added
•    Updated DeLorean models
•    Updated effects
•    Departure Implosion and Re-entry explosion added
•    Removed heat haze, vertigo, and motion blur (main release – September 12 2009)
•    Multiple bug fixes

•    Hover conversion now works with velocity in all 3 axes
•    New coils, wormhole, and plasma effects
•    Time travel sequence sound
•    New keypad with new sounds
•    Font fix
•    Vent lights
•    DeLorean lights (headlights, flux, wheel lights, green lights)
•    Removed bullet and sparrow name

0.1.2 (main release – September 03 2009)
•    Removed all DeLorean’s save the BTTF II DeLorean
•    Added hover conversion animations

0.1.1 (main release – September 17 2008)
•    Added more DeLorean’s
•    Added flying mode commands
•    Added lights toggle
•    Bug fixes

•    Initial Release