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  1. people on msn keep askin 0.2f release cant they shut up
  2. ok just running things down here first of all when but in plutonium in the bttf delorean why is it cut off in mid sound near the end there no lid sound putting on the tank nor at the start and keypad time circuits cant we have the cool sounding 1 when marty in typing it in near the clocktower scene in number 1
  3. it has been a year since 0.2e has been released wait for 0.2f new improvements
  4. My edited quote i am the other doctor emmett brown from 1955 which helps the other me get back to 1985
  5. Welcome Back Mr Blue and vc because its easier to mod
  6. is it gonna be easier to install than using the gmi
  7. the wait is worth waiting this long be patient peopl,e and the game gets better so let modders do their thing
  8. i agree it does sound very cool microman but too much music
  9. Just wondering is there gonna be an installing instruction manuel like for 0.2e is it also gonna be in 0.2f for the noobs
  10. ItsFromTheDoc

    Later On

    2 things later on will there be hand animations and garbage u can pick up to put in mr fusion and plutonioum and later like bttf 3 u can put hats and other stuff like doc and marty did like hoverboard and stuff and can u have the pbuttheadenger door open if u get in from that side and with the drive in theatre is there gonna be rocks instead of water around the drive in theatre?