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  1. Happy birthday, Microman! :)

  2. I think he was like 20 years old in 1955, just like George, Lorraine, Biff, etc... Even if he was 30 years old in 1955, he would be 60 years old in 1985, so that's ok X-
  3. I don't know... You're right I think, Goldie Wilson III in 2015 is already like 30 years old so...! I thought about this all last week and this was making me mad! XD
  4. Okay, I don't know if someone had this idea before but are these guys the same person? : What do you think? It would make sense! In 1985 A, Biff have maybe done everything in order to prevent Goldie Wilson from becoming HV's mayor? If this guy on the first picture is 1985A Goldie Wilson, I would literally HATE myself to notice that only now...
  5. It's cool but I think that this is not the start up sound... I think that this sound is a mix of the start up sound in BTTF1 (when the DeLorean goes out of the truck) and the sound of the DeLorean that would go backwards.
  6. Cool I'll try to get it as soon as I can
  7. Do you know if you can import the 3ds or maybe the FBX format in Cinema 4D ?
  8. This is a very nice Time Train you made I don't know if I can import my model of the time train in Cinema4D ...?
  9. I don't see which details are wrong.on the downtown?
  10. Just finished it! Here it is with my OUTATIME Licence plate by Diamond Toys Select
  11. Looks at what a French guy did That's not because he's French, but I find his work awesome!
  12. I tried... Making all the letters and numbers was the hardest thing to do... I had to buy stickers cut in the shape of the letters/numbers and paste the stickers on the aluminium plate, finding those stickers was hard in my town -__-