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  1. Happy birthday, Microman! :)

  2. I think he was like 20 years old in 1955, just like George, Lorraine, Biff, etc... Even if he was 30 years old in 1955, he would be 60 years old in 1985, so that's ok X-
  3. I don't know... You're right I think, Goldie Wilson III in 2015 is already like 30 years old so...! I thought about this all last week and this was making me mad! XD
  4. Okay, I don't know if someone had this idea before but are these guys the same person? : What do you think? It would make sense! In 1985 A, Biff have maybe done everything in order to prevent Goldie Wilson from becoming HV's mayor? If this guy on the first picture is 1985A Goldie Wilson, I would literally HATE myself to notice that only now...
  5. Hey, sorry I'm using this for my wallpaper but I just can't figure out how I can put a GIF as a lockscreen, X-)
  6. Hey guys! I need your help! :-) I've been trying to set a GIF picture as lockscreen on my Android but I've been trying for days now and it doesn't work! When I say "trying" I tried to search applications that would help me but I found nothing on the Google PlayStore and on Internet! I jist wanted to know if you guys know how to do this! :-) Thanks for your help!
  7. Yeah I had problems too, I wasn't sure if it was the mobile version or what! Otherwise, thanks! I think that next year I'll try to make the Hylian shield from Zelda
  8. Hey guys! It's been a while since my last post on the forums :-D I've been busy and I had a Keyblade from the Kingdom Hearts games for Christmas, thanks to my bro'! He didnt want to tell me.where he bought this replica but there were some problems on it, so I decided to add/correct some details! Don't forget to tell me what do you think about it! :-) (I did my best with what I had!) So here it is after 2 months of work! (It's entirely in metal: Stainless Steel, random little pieces of metal I used to hold the parts of the hilt together and Tempered Steel) http://s305.photobucket.com/albums/nn208/Dark_Microman/?action=view&current=2014-02-21185732_zps8935ffd6.jpg http://s305.photobucket.com/albums/nn208/Dark_Microman/?action=view&current=20140221_184819_zps2ba049fc.jpg Sorry I can only post the links because I'm writing this message on my phone...
  9. It's cool but I think that this is not the start up sound... I think that this sound is a mix of the start up sound in BTTF1 (when the DeLorean goes out of the truck) and the sound of the DeLorean that would go backwards.
  10. Yep you're right just noticed that for the DeLorean... :/ My biggest problem I think are the postures of the characters I want to draw... I always spend like 1 or 2 hours wondering how I will draw it! >_<" That's why I like drawing Spider-man, because he's always in some crazy postures, it gives me some training.
  11. The most epic car of all time! I think I failed on the front wheel... And also the thunder, it looks like... uh... a dead tree branch... or something like that XD ACDC - Angus Young The guitar's too big I think... :/ THE GODDAMN BATMAN Mr.Bean, the one and only! A drawing of Spidey, as usual X-) REVELL X-Wing Easy Kit custom I tried to make it as if it went out of a really big battle... I need your opinion guys! Especially on the drawings of Mr.Bean and Angus Young, I'm trying to learn how to do portraits and that's hard...
  12. Oh thanks, I thought he died performing a stunt for the F&F movies or something like that... R.I.P.! I saw a pic of the car before the fire and by the look of the car, I assume he died when the car hit the pole.
  13. Why did he have a car accident? He was playing a scene for Fast&Furious, or did he die in a regular car accident?