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  1. I think he was like 20 years old in 1955, just like George, Lorraine, Biff, etc... Even if he was 30 years old in 1955, he would be 60 years old in 1985, so that's ok X-
  2. I don't know... You're right I think, Goldie Wilson III in 2015 is already like 30 years old so...! I thought about this all last week and this was making me mad! XD
  3. Okay, I don't know if someone had this idea before but are these guys the same person? : What do you think? It would make sense! In 1985 A, Biff have maybe done everything in order to prevent Goldie Wilson from becoming HV's mayor? If this guy on the first picture is 1985A Goldie Wilson, I would literally HATE myself to notice that only now...
  4. It's cool but I think that this is not the start up sound... I think that this sound is a mix of the start up sound in BTTF1 (when the DeLorean goes out of the truck) and the sound of the DeLorean that would go backwards.
  5. Cool I'll try to get it as soon as I can
  6. Do you know if you can import the 3ds or maybe the FBX format in Cinema 4D ?
  7. This is a very nice Time Train you made I don't know if I can import my model of the time train in Cinema4D ...?
  8. I don't see which details are wrong.on the downtown?
  9. Just finished it! Here it is with my OUTATIME Licence plate by Diamond Toys Select
  10. Looks at what a French guy did That's not because he's French, but I find his work awesome!
  11. I tried... Making all the letters and numbers was the hardest thing to do... I had to buy stickers cut in the shape of the letters/numbers and paste the stickers on the aluminium plate, finding those stickers was hard in my town -__-
  12. X-) Yay! That's soooo bad that Diamond Toys didn't release a bar code licence plate... They did the OUTATIME licence plate but they never made this one... That's a mistake to me X-) That's exactly like the Time Train... There are so many versions of the DeLorean... Sunstar, Welly, Hot Wheels Elite released models of the DeLorean but nobody never made a Time Train! I know BTTF Fans that would buy it immediatly...
  13. Some days ago I found a dirty aluminium plate and I cleaned it, painted it and got this: I still have to work a little bit on the painting because when I removed the masking tape it removed some bits of paint. What do you think of it?
  14. Ok guys, I thought it would be great to upload the last version of the StarGate mod on San Andreas. This mod was born on these forums after all !! Here's the official page on ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/mods/stargate-horizon-of-the-universe The download link of the V2.0 on ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/mods/stargate-horizon-of-the-universe/downloads/stargate-horizon-of-the-universe-v2 And maybe the most important thing, the download link for the ReadMe on ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/mods/stargate-horizon-of-the-universe/downloads/v20-read-me-important
  15. X-DD I LOVE the mash up they made between the Time Train and the Tardis ! The DeLorean is pretty cool too
  16. Sunstar made the BTTF DeLoreans and the DeLorean itself is nearly perfect to me... But yeah the BTTF Versions are not accurate on some parts... You certainly know that the wiring on the sides of the DeLorean is wrong and the Nuclear Reactor on the BTTF1 is all wrong. Apparently they made the BTTFII Version first because on the BTTF1 they just replaced the MR.Fusion by an other item Here's a little comparison where you can see that the reactor is totally wrong X-) But I really like the Sunstar models, I think that in despite of all of this, Sunstar made a good job... EDIT: Look at this, it's pretty cool:
  17. Yeah I saw that it was 1.43 maybe 2 weeks ago X-) My bad ! If you look KITT and Ecto1 they're 1:18 scale and I thought it was the same for the DeLorean... Yeah, the BTTF DeLorean didn't have the twin exhausting pipes, for a reason that I don't know and that I can't understand, they were reverse like this: That's really bad that they didn't announced a 18:18 DeLorean... Ecto-1 is a really good model. However, I heard that Hot Toys got the Back To The Future License so we will certainly have models of Doc and Marty at the 1:6 scale, and of the DeLorean I hope... They did the Batmobile why not the DeLorean or even the Time Train... It will cost 5, 000, 000$ but Hot Toys make an amazing job. I wonder why ...
  18. Yeah, the re-texturing is cool but the bike isn't really like that... I also think that this is a re-texturing of an Akira model: PS: You're using my flux capacitor radar... I almost forgot about it!
  19. the guy who made this did a really nice work ! I've seen a lot of LEGO Time Trains but this one's the better one I think !
  20. Lol ! The mayas were saying that the 21st December 2012, a cycle will end ... I didn't pay too much attention to this "end of the world" but I wonder what the Mayas were talking about... Apparently the writings were erased X-)
  21. Yeah, I'm agree for this giant party ... I'm bringin' the girls ( or not ) Well, I have to say that tomorrow is gonna be the "Biggest Epic Fail in History" ! I can already see all the memes coming... Hundred of memes ... EVERYWHERE ! o_o