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  1. the engine is something i'm working on, it's just not so much pictures of it but i do little that i think could be there, so far its looking good. and the wheels is a little wrong but there is circles on the wheels, but its still a work in progress , If i have to much time on my hand i'm gonna try to do the interior and how the doors will open., i'm still trying to think of a way it will turn to the hover-conv.
  2. Here comes an update of my Ferrari from 2015 , sorry for the bad quality in the movie. http://youtu.be/-T3sTeaXmjc
  3. For anyone that is interested, my progress with the models so far have been going slow these days, why? because i have gone back to school. but i've started the inside of the Delorean so i got that going on for me. aaand i have tested all of my BTTF relatad models in Unity(Game engine) and had fun with that. and to have even more fun, i have tested to sit inside my delorean with the Oculus rift and that was one big dream come true.. sorta.. im also that kinda guy that dont like to spend to much time on a project so i move from project to project, its still BTTF related and these is the other models i'm working on: Delorean Jules Verne train Hill Valley town square Citroen taxi cab Griff's car 2015 Ferrari
  4. Patience. this project is not their job, they are not getting payed or anything. and all of them have a personal life and work. they are doing this on their free time. but, they maybe don't wanna spend all their free time on coding and stuff when they can spend time with families and friends. but im sure they are trying to make it work whenever they can. and now are they just trying to get the mod so bug free as it can be for every code that may fix a bug, could make another bug.
  5. Here comes an update on my train a few things are missing so im going to add them. and im thinking of adding more of the back to the future stuff i have been doing so there is going to be more
  6. Hello again my fellow Back to the future fans (not my fans but you get what i mean.. i hope) Here comes an update of my delorean, this one is not like the other one from the skyway picture. this is the result of me redoing the delorean because that the other model was old and the first thing i did when i learned modeling, so this is kinda my delorean V.2 and im gonna try to have so much details as i can
  7. Cinema 4D can export to 3DS and FBX so i guess it should work the other way around too
  8. well i did look at some pictures of the HV delorean some times but im trying to do as much as i can from the screen used i dont know if that could work, never tried. but there is maybe a tool/addon to make it happen
  9. all the models are still W.I.P so its not completly done yet, so some models missing alot of stuff. and i dont know how to bodypaint so thats one of my next step to learn . and i dont like using other people models becuase i dont feel proud of my work X). but i take inspiration by others. some models may not be 100% exact but i also do my own "twist" on them.
  10. and im also trying to do some sort of movie
  11. i got two pics on deviant so that should work too i hope
  12. hi everybody, i have been a big fan of the movies since i was 8 when i saw it on tv, im 20 now btw. and ive always wanted to live the back to the future dream, sadly no one can (except mike who own a delorean) so this is what ive done to make the best of it, some years ago(6) ive started using cinema and learned everything by myself. so dont be all critict because i dont do it the right way. how do i show pics?. first time saying something here.