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  1. Looks very nice man!
  2. dclrocks


    Welcome back man!
  3. hey I have an linux operating system (I have Ubuntu), I had Windows 7 Home Preminum on it, but because I fixed my laptop by switching to another operating system, it removed Windows 7 Home Premium.

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    2. peter


      Yeah I use linux mint 14 ( 15 is out but it is poo) I am a noob user haha

    3. dclrocks


      oh, I use Ubuntu although I added stuff to make it have a window's folders kind of you know, and other stuff like maybe making a private server on and playing it by myself. I was so close getting San Andreas to work on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. (I downloaded it and burned it on a different laptop and I thought possibly that I can probably can get my laptop to work), the reason why my laptop was broke was because I ended a process tree on accident without thinking, after I restarted it was being...

    4. dclrocks


      http://imgur.com/r9gqXWq sorry if it shows "Rile5.com" though