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  1. In one of the 0.2F trailers you can see he picks up 12 Plutonium capsules!
  2. Arvark

    Arvark's models

    Thanks @Leaf for the screens, I'm actually very busy and tired so I couldn't do it. http://postimg.org/image/9uba45ga1/ http://postimg.org/image/v58u8eyeh/
  3. Arvark

    Arvark's models

    lol sorry for not posting the image but I literally forgot XD. I'll post it tomorrow since I'm not at home.
  4. Arvark

    Arvark's models

    2 lazy fo dat. No I'm joking. In a few hours you're gonna see it.
  5. Arvark

    Arvark's models

    We actually got the model ingame and it works!
  6. Arvark

    Arvark's models

    OK, so, me and Thynco88 are working on getting the house ingame, we've already got the model in 3DS Max with mapping so that's a step up! And I'm working on Doc's Garage's interior too!
  7. It's a replay function, it's available in vanilla game too.
  8. Well, that is one of my points, the parts being replaced with 1955 ones.
  9. Well the flux band being red is because of the DeLorean being struck by a lightning TWICE, and then most of the part needed to time travel got rebuilt with 1955 Tech.
  10. Arvark

    Arvark's models

    Sorry for the slow progress, but I'm currently busy with school and times pretty much flies...
  11. A question, I read the first post and saw a VERY LONG post with many links, can someone be kind enough to provide me with a working link with as most stuff as they can? Since almost all the links are broken
  12. Are you talking about the "trails" option?
  13. Am I the only one that thinks that the sound is totally casual, and not depending on the Flux Capacitor's fuel (plutonium, junk etc)?