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  1. The Holler couple are such lovely people! I've met them twice as well. Got Oliver's signature on a poster he printed. It was my birthday when I met met these guys so both Bob Gale and Oliver signed their stuff to me with birthday wishes!
  2. A common misconception of the movie logic is that there isn't enough space to get to 88 m/h, and realistically there isn't. In the movie there is a shot of Doc's DeLorean remote control and it shows him hit a stop switch while the car is in place. It's what gets the DeLorean up to about 60 MPH before Doc releases it and it reaches 88 before it hits them.
  3. I just hope there will be more than just a time travel/map changing features. (With more help this can be possible)
  4. So who have you guys met who has worked on the Back to the Future Movies? I've met a few incl. Bob Gale, Claudia Wells, Jeffrey Weissman, Kevin Pike, Andrew Probert and Donald Fullilove! I've also been close to and almost met Christopher Lloyd but sadly I wasn't able to.
  5. Some day I'll get one. It's been my dream car for almost 5 years. Not sure If I want to make it into the Time Machine though.
  6. Will the player models have customization mechanics in game? And will they be original models?
  7. Well it was a windows 8 message. When it popped up I clicked something to bring up a screen that asked "Run Anyway?" and clicked yes.
  8. I get a message saying "...This can cause harm to your PC." or something stupid. Prevents me from running it.
  9. Don't worry about it! Just keep up the good work on both accounts!
  10. Do you think it's possible for a game or mod with time travel to have the A.I. replicate your actions (Recording it almost) to have past versions of your character? Like say I do the clocktower run on November 12th, 1955 and go into the future and then comeback. I think that would be amazing and could create some of the coolest gameplay ever but is it possible. I'd like to think it is. What do you guys think?
  11. Also M also changes the Cutscene/Instant modes and the clock is military time! Just an FYI because it took me a while to figure out!
  12. Is there anyway to get this again even though the last post was almost two years ago?