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  1. i can't get the Stargate Atlantis mini mod to work! i can get it to load ok....& when the game starts....it just crashes after a split second of appearing! anyone got a patch or fix for this please?
  2. ok, thanks btw i'm sure on the readme that comes with the installer it says something about KITT on there also i can't get the time travelling train(which is parked on the roof at the place of your starting point) doors to open! & YES i have pressed the buttons suggested on the readme.....but nothing happens! & NO! i haven't changed or altered the controls.
  3. one thing you forgot to include in the readme's are the time destination codes.....ie what time you set to arrive at Hill Valley & where Knight Rider KITT cars are? any chance of those please coz i tried imputing a demo code on one of your answers on here....& it just took me nowhere other than the present!