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  1. what programing language do you using (i am learning c++)?
  2. What programming language do you using (i'm learning C++)? By the way,i can't wait for 0.2f to release!
  3. He means first comment. :P

  4. Are you guys can making a radio station that plays bttf soundtrack?
  5. A.Great Scott! Those forums isn't dead! B.We are a free men,you don't have to listen to gale. C.This Mod also dosen't canon,does it prevents it from become fun? D.MARTY:"what happents to gale? does he become as**ole or something?" DOC:"yes,he does become to an as**ole." MARTY:"Great Scott!" DOC:"Yeah,This Is Heavy. Sorry For The Bad Words,but it come from BTTF 2.(the opening) E.Can you make an option to chose timelines? like 1985A 1985B?
  6. Are you can to put year 1931 like in BTTF:The Game?