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  1. The tutorial mission and 'The Ride' mission have been removed in 0.2f.
  2. Saves will crash your game if the mod is installed. So don't use them.
  3. Uh, that's, uh because I'm... from the future and it isn't out when you live. Yeah that's it. I knew you were talking about the GTA 3 mod. Totally. Seriously though I'm dumb and didn't see the thread was for LC not VC, sorry mate.
  4. It doesn't exist, officially.
  5. I think it would be a neat idea to instead of mapping all the accessories to individual buttons, have a small menu where you could do all that. You could just open it with a key like ~ and it would display dozens of little things you can do, like windshield wipers, turn signals, headlights, or panel lights. Just something to consider.
  6. I think I'll stick with the current mod. Why fix what isn't broken?
  7. Yeah i guess youre right i can see those now.
  8. It is when you start adding hundreds of things to it.
  9. Would you rather the game run at 3 FPS?
  10. Wow man, these look amazing. Can't wait to mess around with these.
  11. Well they were recorded on film. So they could (unlike digital) get a pretty big resolution image.