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  1. After the November 12 patch, There is too much traffic on the road! I recall there's a patch for that, but I forgot where it is =p EDIT: Found it: And uh... where is the '04 Delorean?
  2. I Recently got 0.2f again, i wanted to know every patch/fix, can be unofficial too.
  3. Hey, how's things going?

  4. you gotta press 'new game' then load your save.
  5. i didn't saw any locomotive in the 1.1b changelog, lol.
  6. maybe someone can port III stuff to VC?
  7. This proves that R* did it wrong.
  8. i think you should ask for neomatrix.
  9. Nah, numlock helped me (and why i can't push the delo to 88 via tow truck?)
  10. This looks like a bad mexican novel (from the 2000's)
  11. why not? looks a good idea porting to bttf hv, if gta 3 can handle it, gta vc should too.