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  1. Hello, i have a question, Are you working actually on to the game? And the errors are all fixed yet? Because there were so many messages indicated on errors here, and but I see not any that is done, now came the version 2.0f out because it says the error said to have been resolved, but there is nothing fixed, any error are still present. Therefore, the question is really for thermocycling on the mod, the errors all been fixed properly, I would like to namely can finally play correctly.
  2. Ye shall not add any new things, but finally resolve the error again to get the mod times finally work properly.
  3. Thank you, it works finally also with me. But I hope the mistakes soon all have been resolved, so that everything works circuitous even without such. [Edit] But not always, then just as I once again made it all, the game already then crashed early as when I directly wanted by the conversion garage at the car dealership, touched down in 1985 en Hook below.
  4. And the error message if the game crashes when lightning strikes the tower. http://www.wzsoftware.de/images/gtavcbttf_lightstrike.jpg
  5. No just does not work for me the Error Hook are donned and the lightning persist that the game crashes.
  6. When I load my game, the game crashes, and the following error message appears: http://www.wzsoftware.de/images/gtavcfehler2.jpg
  7. Hello, these errors are also with me. Had as I tried the mod before years. Either I made at the hook and then the game crashes, or the first time now in the latest version, the game fell off as the lightning struck and just because I wanted to go inside. But now as I said the game crashes early as always, when I press the button to set up to the hook. Too bad, you say, the errors have been corrected with version 2f, which I realize only unfortunately nothing, which are error still there. Of course I do not exclude that I may have what installed incorrectly. So I have GTA Vice City fresh install, and then run directly to AutoInstaller 2f and then the November update of 2f so 1. BTTF_HV_0.2f_R1_Auto_Setup then 2. 0.2f_Update_01_Nov_12_2015 If I have done something wrong, then please help, thank you. Oh error after crash: http://www.wzsoftware.de/images/gtavcfehler.jpg