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  1. After the November 12 patch, There is too much traffic on the road! I recall there's a patch for that, but I forgot where it is =p EDIT: Found it: And uh... where is the '04 Delorean?
  2. I Recently got 0.2f again, i wanted to know every patch/fix, can be unofficial too.
  3. Hey, how's things going?

  4. you gotta press 'new game' then load your save.
  5. i didn't saw any locomotive in the 1.1b changelog, lol.
  6. maybe someone can port III stuff to VC?
  7. This proves that R* did it wrong.
  8. i think you should ask for neomatrix.
  9. Nah, numlock helped me (and why i can't push the delo to 88 via tow truck?)
  10. This looks like a bad mexican novel (from the 2000's)
  11. why not? looks a good idea porting to bttf hv, if gta 3 can handle it, gta vc should too.
  12. in this video the guy uses the brownstreak wagon to make the rr delo get to 88, could be a nice idea for the mod. https://www.youtube.com/embed/XsxgTlUeq-o
  13. My game is crashing when i get out of the bttf1 del, any solution?
  14. Oldcpv3

    1955 KKHV Radio

    Here's the KKHV 1955 Radio, Credit goes to myself, made in audacity! copy the files to gtavc\audio folder. Enjoy! https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=2DE149CC2318BECB!616&authkey=!AFtsIjT9Q9I0es0&ithint=file%2czip
  15. Hey, i was just looking at bttf:lc, and i saw that it 99% Off the car works a incredible job for gta III. Anyways, it can be ported to Hill Valley?
  16. Update: Working with BTTF:HV 0.2c for base, i don't think that's considered stealing, i'm just borrowing the code. Edit: Throttling the development for a while... (I'm kind of new on modding, and i just could add some models in-game) Edit2: Nevermind, i'm making it from scratch (again) but now i'm sure it can happen.
  17. Here's the 'Concept' I'm going to use for the tc's