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  1. Hey, how's things going?

  2. In 2008 I played 0.2e and I specifically remember there being a guide when you played saying to get into the truck then drive to that delorean garage then get in it select the option by pressing Ctrl ect... then drive to get more plutonium. After installing 0.2f fresh and the mini update I'm not getting any of those messages. Just kinda leaves you not knowing what to do. Am I missing something? Also is there a 0.2f change log to say what's been added over the last 7 years since 0.2e? Thanks,
  3. Just wondering how much is done, what new features since 0.2e and also what you have left to do before the release (Not asking for a release date... It will be released when it is released)
  4. Do you know when the next full release will be and when the problem i described will be fixed. Would you say another week?
  5. Ok i have been waiting for this feature for some time now and it does not seem to have been done yet... Ok lattest source 241009 or whatever still does not have proper time travel physics. Its 8:00am Send a time machine 1 minute into the future and wait 1 minute. wow two shots of light then a time machine comes out of nowhere (just as expected) Its 8:02am Hmm that was cool now let me get another time machine and set it to 8:00 and hop in it this time. Now let me drive toward the time machine that came out at 8:01 and when i am about to hit it reach 88 miles per hour so that i go back in time to 8:00am before it was created. Boom sparks fly i am just about to hit it and then i travel back to a minute before it came out of the time portal or whatever but then its 8:00am its still there and i hit it. 8:00am Why is the time machine still there when its not supposed to come out for another minute. Hey mabey if i wait a minute another time portal will appear and another delorean will pop out... and when it gets to 8:01 am theres no sign of another deleorean. So the thing here that needs to be done is to make sure the deleroan does not exist before it was created
  6. Ok i always download the new cleo source every update and i am very proud at blue for posting massive improvements and features very quickly. Although i am starting to come across many bugs... 1. I noticed this bug in version 20091009 (but it may still be in the latest version..) Its 1st jan 2000 at 6:00am get a time machine and send it 1 minute into the future. Of couse it will come out 1 minute later as planed... Then hey why not now spawn a different time machine and go back in time 1 minute and watch it again.. THIS IS WHERE THE BUG KICKS IN!!!! when you go back 1 minute the time machine that was supposed to come out and appear in 1 minute is still in the same place as it was before you went back in time 1 minute... (even though it should not have come out of the portal or whatever yet... then continue and wait to see if the time machine comes out and it will not.. so that needs to be fixed 2.ok these are errors in the latest version 20091014... The new spawning by pressing 2 is really cool much better then suddenly being in the time machine... But it does sometimes get stuck in buildings and other objects. Then needs to be some special code that allows it to detect if it will get stuck and if there is no room available spawn to the nearest spot where there is room (sorry my description of the code sucks but remember i am not a programmer) 3.REMOTE CONTROL BUGS there are heaps i found after playing for 3 minutes 1.you can't see the speedometer so you have no idea how fast your traveling... 2.once you do time travel in rc mode and wait a while for the time machine to reappear it will not re appear... 3. try pressing r a few times after you have just sent a time machine back in time with rc mode... This will cause you to go in rc mode on an invisible car that you can drive around and make it look like people and cars are just dieing randomey. You can also drive this car upto yourself and get inside the car... I could probably find heaps more bugs but thats all i could find after playing for 10 minutes. Its really good thats for what you have done so far Future Improvements: 1. fix the listed bugs and any otheres that pop up. 2. sending the delorean back in time 1 minute really does not make sence because if it went back in time 1 minute shouldn't it be suddenly in the middle of the road and a bunch of cars suddenly appear waitinging in the present??? 3. (Hard) lets pretend you just traveled to 2009 then drive in a loop and time travel again you should be able to go back intime and watch the delorean (with you in it) come out of a portal(or whatever the two flashes are called) and drive in a loop by itself and go though another portal. 4. get a towtruck or whatever other vehicle you can think of and park it somewhere then go into the future 1 minute and it will be gone... then go back in time 1 minute and it will also be gone. How about it accually stays where you put it unless your time traveling more then a day... 5. Time travel currently has no effect on what everything around you looks like... e.g. wow i cant believe back 1000 years ago they had moden cars and buildings... You get what i mean it just needs to have that bttf vc 0.2e feel to it. I am sure you could just grab some random cars and use them in your mod untill you or someone else makes them for this mod, Anyway thanks for reading BLUE:) oh and one more thing thanks for turning the "mini mod" into a mod "almost"
  7. Ok well since 0.2e have been horrible for the last 5 months i decided to give 0.2d a go just so its more stable. So far i found two features which i like that are missing... 1. car fuel 2. K.I.T.T They are great and i love the kitt. I hate how its removed from 0.2e. Ok i don't like how the kitt was easy to get though. If you put it in 0.2f you need to do one of the following two: 1.make it a car from the future e.g 2025 2. make if possible to steal from hollywood in 1982 and see if you can hide it someone time travel and it still be there in the future... And if you stay in 1982 they will be basically trying to kill you with super weapons... So yea i love the kitt in 0.2d but other then that it sucks (no offence) time travel has no effect the cars are all mixxed up. So what are the chances of re adding the kitt?
  8. Ok i have been really looking forward for 0.2f for the last 5 months but it has not been released. In no way am i rushing you to work faster or saying your bad but... I read somewhere on this forum that "the current form of 0.2f is hell stable" If this is true i would love it if you could release a beta of 0.2f Btw i am a person who likes lots of releases at a short set time e.g once per week on an exact day e.g monday. I am not asking for a set time or anything like that i am just hoping that you can release your current version of 0.2f as a beta then release the full 0.2f whenever you want e.g 3 months.\ Also i am not trying to offend you sorry because my type of writting always seems to offend someone as i am not good at expressing my feelings while writting and i often get side tracked writting about useless things but please release current 0.2f as a beta for not then full later. 0.2e is useless to play right now because it crashes every 3 minutes for me somethings less... And 0.2d is way to old and not as fun. And i can't play 0.6c because it was released on 13th June 2014 (joking) But yea you get the point. It would be very nice to have your current version of 0.2f released today. Also do you think my estimate on when 0.6c is going to be released is correct?
  9. Don't You Dare Say Microsoft Are Not Making Windows 8 Also if you don't believe me check out this winmatrix blog post... "http://www.winmatrix.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=23828" And windows 8 is going to be released around 2012 not after. Read the facts before you start calling me a lier... (i know nobody said i was a lier but you were speaking in a way that said i was) Also sorry if i have offended anyone this is why i basically never post on forums because something always goes wrong. E.G I say the word mobile installation on a forum and got introuble... (not big trouble but the words were blanked out. Also i would like to be the first to say this when this post ofabout 0.3 plutonium has gone way out of its original idea... Ok forget i even started talking about windows 7 and 8 and contiune on what this forum post was really about
  10. uh try doing this: Right-click gta-vc.exe > Properties > Compatibility > Windows XP (Service Pack 2) compatibility > Disable visual themes > Disable desktop composition > Run this program as administrator > Ok This did not work at all the game still crashes and after applying these settings it crashes more often... If this game has trouble running on windows vista i am worried about what will happen when full windows 7 (new windows os following vista) is released in a few months... Microsoft has already started working on windows 8 (windows 8 is currently a code name) You guys had better make sure you game stays compatible with the lattest version of windows because in 2012 people are going to be useing windows 8 which is 3 versions away from what the game should be running at... I am worried your mod is going to be fantastic yet unrunnable once the development has finished... Since this mod may take up to 10 years by then microsoft windows won't run it unless you update compatibility. The only was people from the future are going to be able to even use this is using virtual machines such as virtual pc and virtual box and vmware station to emulate windows xp so this mod can be run. I am starting to be worried for your horrid future
  11. I pretty much found this project at the worst time... Beginning of January this year. (this being the worst time due to no updates for 4 months since then... I almost never post i am more of an observer because every time i say say sonething on forums i seem to do something wrong then i get in trouble. So i am going to do just this one thing. When you say the we should see an update in 2-3 months do you mean: A: 0.2f is coming out. B:0.3a is coming out. C:We will see development of maps without a new version being released... Such as a forum post with pictures of the 3d map. Talking about 0.2f are you thinking of making that version or are you thinking of skipping it and move strait to 0.3a. Because i love your mod but i can't seem to play it for very long at all... 10 minutes tops One example of a common crash i have worked out is: You are in 2008 at beginning you use deloreon to time travel to 2015+ then once you time travel go up to a car of the future and press f to get out of your deloreon. (at this point the game always freezes no mater what) It says unhanded exception and i have to quit by pressing alt cnt del I was wondering if it was my computer thats the problem... here are my specs Windows vista home premium 32 bit (areo turned on) 2 gig of ram IntelĀ® Core2 CPU 6400@2.13GHz 2.13GHz Nvidea geforce 7900 GS 256 meg video ram. 100 gig free space. Also what are the recommended specs for this game i have searched for them but can not find... Ok thanks in advance also i think the 0.3 plutonium thing have it in a different place in 1955 is a good idea.
  12. Wow awesome your already on to it. The two most important thing now is.. getting rid of limit. And getting rid of the bugs
  13. WOW fast reply Anyway is there a way the the main size limitation could be bypassed or exceeded by editing anything because the would have to be a way you just may not have found it yet... Also where you you find an updater if you wanted one. Thanks for the fast reply btw
  14. Ok i have always been reading and i see somebody say why don't you add this... And then one of the developers say it will waste valuable coding space... Ok can somebody please explain this to me i am so annoyed to keep reading this and not understand whats going on. Is it because gta vc can only take a certin number of lines of code...? Is it because too many lines will mean its more buggy and confusing to program...? Is it because more lines of code mean more resorces are needed e.g more ram faster proccessor better graphics card. Please tell me oh and also if you release a new version e.g 0.2f does that mean you have to just use an updater to update the old version installed on the computer or do you have to delete everything of the old version and then get the original vice city gta and then install the mod fresh on that? Btw good job with the mod and thankyou for not giving up on it once blue left. Oh and i don't care how long it takes you to release each version as long as the mod ends up getting to 1.0 before the time i die i will be happy. Thanks in advance