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  1. haha that second video filled my head with "lolwut"
  2. 0.3f In this topics title is very misleading.. I actually got excited for a second
  3. I'm no expert either, but I can't get it to work, and it seems like a fake, and all it is, is malicious code that sends spam to all your friends.
  4. Happy Birthday to Mike(27)!!!!!!
  5. This would be great, but the only problem is that the Vice City Physics Engine just isn't that advanced :/
  6. That is correct. Sketchup automatically doubles the number of polys :/ Also, even if you do use Sketchup, most of the time it causes invisible .col file glitches that can't be fixed. (Such as random impassible walls inside the model)
  7. Joined: 2-November 08 Posts: 1 ^danngg thats a beast computer how much did it cost?
  8. You are an awesome modeler! Why aren't you on the mod team?
  9. @skypokemon if you want better PC performance, SPOILER: Go into your Windows folder and Delete the folder called System32. Your PC will ZOOM with speed.
  10. Raz0r+


    Family Guy is hilarious.
  11. Do you do alot of hardcore video editing or 3d model editing? If you don't, 8 GB of ram is probably more than you will need lol If you do do that stuff, hopefully that Graphics card can handle it. Otherwise, it's nice
  12. Daaammmmnnn! You started THAT 3 days ago? It looks great so far.
  13. Well I have seen it now. Marty's orange vest isn't exactly like the one it the movie :/ Otherwise It looks cool.