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  1. haha that second video filled my head with "lolwut"
  2. 0.3f In this topics title is very misleading.. I actually got excited for a second
  3. This would be great, but the only problem is that the Vice City Physics Engine just isn't that advanced :/
  4. That is correct. Sketchup automatically doubles the number of polys :/ Also, even if you do use Sketchup, most of the time it causes invisible .col file glitches that can't be fixed. (Such as random impassible walls inside the model)
  5. Daaammmmnnn! You started THAT 3 days ago? It looks great so far.
  6. Well I have seen it now. Marty's orange vest isn't exactly like the one it the movie :/ Otherwise It looks cool.
  7. lol I used headphones to listen to this, and with some of the music cues, I thought I went deaf in my left ear. The music could've been balanced better, but it's still good.
  8. Even good music couldn't make this game better. The actual gameplay is completely stupid. AVGN was right about this game lol.
  9. No offense, but I kinda expected this. I have noticed that every "Add-on mod" eventually dies. The creators usually get a decent amount of work done, and then "disappear", or just randomly come on and announce the death of it. Really sucks man :/ The one addon I hope this doesn't happen to is the BTTF:LC mod. It has come too far to quit now.
  10. lol, just tell him he can improve system performance by deleting System32.
  11. Nice progress, and I assume you wont be working on this anymore Mr. Kocher?