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  1. Happy Birthday! :D

    Have a nice day! :D

  2. Lol look at knightprowl trolling :P

  3. ban ban ban ban ban ban, stay away from this place you f***ing noob, and be banned forever, ahahhahahahahha, you f***ing b**ch, LEAVE US ALONE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I meant that it at least we know it will be out in 2012 sometime and not 2013 or after
  5. Yes!!!! Finally an update!!! Its been so long, and it says coming out sometime next year, so at least we know we wont be waiting another full year.
  6. You are texture artist??

  7. May I see your skins and try them out?

  8. In the movie there was grass hills around him with a bench on his left there was no bridge
  9. If they were smart they would come on this site and ask what we want in game, we are the biggest bttf fans in the world.
  10. I didn't ask him to do anything he asked for suggestions and I gave him some I didn't say, Hey do this NOW!! I said you could do this if you want, its just a suggestion.
  11. You should make the vents in the back glow, maybe have the wheels fold and lights on the bottom.