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  1. My Texaco station has really messed up textures at night. I've tried the method of extracting the txd. and dff. files listed in another topic but it doesn't work. Also, the white/blue part of Roy's sign disappears when viewed from certain angles in both night and day. Does anyone know of a solution?
  2. Nothing happens. It worked before updating the object.dat file, now it doesn't.
  3. I'm running into a strange glitch where my hook does not attach when I press the tab key on the passenger side of the DeLorean.
  4. Just tried it with the new file, it works!
  5. The game crashes when the lightning strikes the clock tower at 10:04 on November 12, 1955 making the lightning run impossible to do.
  6. From what I remember: -New Delorean models -New Citroen Taxi -New Rogers Steam Locomotive -Doc's Truck has storage feature -Time Circuits using numpad -1955 Courthouse Square (Also includes 3 other versions of the Courthouse depending on year)
  7. Someone a while back said they were basing the town off this map:
  8. Dang that looks awesome! I can see this being used for something like playing as Old Biff when he steals the DeLorean in 2015, and doing a mission where he must give his younger self the almanac before switching back to Doc/Marty to continue the game.
  9. Woops I didn't realize this was an SA topic .
  10. ^ Since you're new, you should probably know that this isn't the right forum to ask questions. If you need help, I would advise that you use the search function and see if someone else has already asked the question you need the answer to.
  11. I like it a lot too bad I can barely run Vice City much less IV lol.
  12. Very impressive, I can't wait for the finished product!
  13. See I like that idea but I'm not sure it can happen. The team said only the Courthouse Square for 0.2f . But yea, if Doc's Garage is modeled and can be used to make time machines that would be awesome.
  14. Technically speaking, Hill Valley isn't a floating island in the middle of the ocean. Yea it's non-canon, it would just be a fun little feature for now. In the final release, it won't be in the game of course.
  15. If you check the comments on the 0.2f Delorean Evolution video on the mod team's YouTube page, you can find this comment: "Mostly likely around this time next year, but don't hold me to that. (Mike)" Since the video was uploaded this past December, then that would make this upcoming December the release window. Then again, the comment does say to not hold them to it, so it's still tentative.