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  1. I love how you people are so protective over mediocre games, just as long as they bear the BTTF name. Maybe it was spelled out in part 7, but I got bored before then, so please, Mr. BTTF, enlighten me.
  2. The whole idea makes no sense. The Delorean is still a functioning sports car, you immediately time travel in game once you hit 88, and if the car is empty, you glow, but don't jump. Why does THAT need to stop at 88? It's completely pointless in every sense.
  3. Wow... that was almost impossible to read. You're right; I don't get it; mostly because it makes no sense whatsoever.
  4. That was my thought as well, but if you start with a BTTF2 Delorean (or 3), it stays no matter what.
  5. The car can go faster than 88 too; so it's a bad idea to limit it solely to it.
  6. They shouldn't have the option then. It's a desperate attempt to make it seem more interactive than it really is.
  7. Watch the videos up above. Either they're not edited consistently by the creator, or it's a glitch. Whatever.
  8. I have a question I've been wanting to ask for some time. Firstly, I love the Delorean's sound effects; it has this metallic kind of hum to it. You captured it very well in the games; when you start it up, you can hear that zing and when you exit, you can hear it shut down. But, I'm having problems with two scenarios: Scenario 1: Start a new game. You create a BTTF1 Delorean; it's fine until you time travel that first time. Even if the car does not die, and you upgrade it, suddenly the start up and power down noises disappear. I have no clue why. Scenario 2: Start a new game. You go to the future without using the Delorean (with the train) and there you are able to just create a part 2 or higher Delorean; from then on, the power on and down effects stay no matter what you do. However, this doesn't work if you tried scenario 1 and that Delorean was destroyed and you create another (just starting a part 2); the sound effects still won't be there. It seems that after time traveling in part 1 car (where you lose the plate), it just refuses to work after that. I'm wondering what causes it; will it be fixed in later versions or what? It's such a good effect, it sucks to have it for so short a time; and you can't use the BTTF1 Delorean if you like it. This is 0.2e too, by the way.
  9. I still don't get why the BTTF2 Delorean came back to retrieve Marty if this is supposed to be after part 3. When did Doc ever clone his Delorean sometime in part 2, to arrive at a random date in 1986? Why was he in the 30s to begin with? Those are the questions I want answered; and no matter how hard I think about them, I can't come up with anything. It gave me enough to see how it would play, so yeah, I could tell quite a bit just from that.
  10. I kind of agree with you, DK. Overall, if I had to think of a word, it'd be "Mediocre". I wouldn't even hardly call it game either; rather just a cinematic movie that you point and click a few times. Even then, I got bored by around part 6 (watching it on Youtube). If they give you a game with choices like that, I'd like to see each choice lead to another part of the game; then the game would be huge. But each time, it's like "4 choices, only one leads on, the other 3 are just one or two extra sentences" I still think this mod tops that game 1000 percent.
  11. I'm in favor of the barren land prior to 1800 (like if you went to 0001 AD), but I guess, that would still be canon too, right? Since Hill Valley's timeline stated it wasn't around prior to 1860 or whenever, even if it wasn't outright mentioned as such, right?
  12. Watched it. Looks pretty interesting; though I wish it was more PLAY and less... like point and click, so I still think our GTA game is the best BTTF game (when it gets done), but I enjoyed it, more or less, but it doesn't seem like you'd really be able to play it more than once. Marty's voice was pretty good; the other acting was a little cheesy at times, but mostly good; you can really tell Lloyd is getting up there in age though. I still want to know why the BTTF2 Delorean was there... if this is supposed to be after part 3. I can't make sense of it. I also noticed another error, the part where you can give your name (in part 4), regardless of which you choose, later, they always refer back to you as Calahan, even if you didn't say it. They probably could have fixed that. I laughed at the "Shady Acres" retirement part though. I've played Vice City enough to pinpoint that one. Wonder if Avery Carrington also runs that.
  13. As long as it's not something like this (which I've seen somewhere on here, posted by someone): "To unlock 1985A, drive to Biff's house in 1955 and place the Almanac on his door" That's just the stupidest kind of game structure I can think of, honestly. Firstly, no one would be able to figure out how to even play it like this, secondly, why would the player WANT to deliver it to Biff? That's not even a game, as much as it's like an easter egg hunt. It's horribly thought out and I really hope that's not how it plays. I'm personally in favor of just how it plays in GTA. Play a mission, it unlocks the next, taking you through the game. That kind of cryptic stuff is just not a good idea.
  14. Believe what you want. As a long time video editor, I can't stand "quality whores", people who care about quality and nothing more. I've had much experience. I don't really care what either of you two think of my opinions or not. Obviously, you didn't even think much of this topic either since it had no posts until I posted in it today. I stated my opinion. Let's not forget who then jumped out to call me a fool for my own thoughts... Mike. Who's the one really picking fights? Thought so. Why do you have to criticize others for what they think? I'm going to defend myself against such onslaughts, so don't get surprised when you cause it.