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  1. Mission Ideas: 1st Mission:Late For School 2nd Mission:Meeting Doc Brown (Also Lybians Come) (Sorry Im Not A Good Speller) (You Also Go To 1955 During The Chase) 3rd Mission:Biff Chases Marty (In 1955) 4th mission:Clock Tower These Are My NEW Ideas For 0.3 Tell Me What You Think
  2. What Made You Guys Come Up With This BTTF Mod?
  3. Player Choices: 1:Doc Brown 1985 2:Biff 1955 3:Biff: 1985 4:Griff
  4. At The Menu Where You Start The Game You get To Choose Your Player Choices: 1:Marty 1885 2:Marty 1985 3:Marty 2015 Then Choose Where You want To Start And you Can Spawn There 1:Hill Valley Then You Go To Convert To Time Machine There Will Be Missions (Only 4) 1:Late For School 2: Meet Doc At The airport 3:Getting Chased By Biff In 1955 4:Clock Tower Those Are Some Ideas I Had For 0.3
  5. I Think We Should Have 3 Missions From The 3 Movies in GTA SA Part 1 #1:Late For School #2:Meeting Doc Brown #3:Clock tower Then A Scene At The End Like At The End Where They Go To 2015 Part 2 Last Scene Where They Go To 2015 Again #1:Escape From Griff #2:Escape From Biff 1985 #3:Get The Book Back From Biff In 1955 Scene Where Doc Gets Struck By Lighting Part 3 #1:Looking For Time Machine In Old Mine #2:Getting To 1885 #3: Getting Back To 1985