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  1. Continued: SPOILER: This should result in the barrels falling from the shelf onto the Table. After that tell Edna to go to the Brown's estate. Spoiler Spoiler SPOILER: Nobody wonders about Marty's recorder. Especially Biff when he uses it on him to trick his grandpa and Emmet pays no attention to it either. No shock no awe.
  2. SPOILER: NOW Emmet has nothing to stand up to his father with, so he goes fully into Law. Thus causing the events of episode 4
  3. About copyright... If you watch attentively, the Pepsi can in Marty's room says something generic, like "Soda"
  4. But it's fun actually trying out different answers.
  5. You can't judge by the playthrough on Youtube. Because on Youtube games like Iron Man 2 and Tron Evolution look good.
  6. The game has some ugly seams during cutscenes, but otherwise runs flawless. Core i5 2.53Ghz 4GB RAM NVidia GeForce GT330M 512MB/Intel HD 288MB
  7. I can forgive it its animations I loved the dialogue and jokes But I can not forgive it being so short, and forcing us to wait 2 months for Episode 2.
  8. What should've been also duplicated with the car is Marty. But I guess he was killed or lives in 2020s.
  9. I just checked my purchases, it's not out for me. Wallpapershere. http://www.bttf.com/telltale-announces-dec...re-the-game.php