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  1. Hey guys! Is there anyone who has knowledge of graphic cards? Ifso, would that guy/girl please stand up and lend me a hand. For my study I need an Apple Macbook Pro 15,4 inch with a ATI Radeon HD 6490M to beable to run Autodesk Maya at full capacity. The only MacBook's I can find are having a NVIDIA Geforce GT 650M in it. My question is: "Is that grapics card better then the ATI one?" Thanks in advantage!
  2. Hmmm found this 3D model but it ain't that detailed: http://www.flickr.com/photos/latok/5228195763
  3. NP microman good luck with the model, it's looking damn nice already !
  4. This is all I can find atm, sorry. Oh and a tip: http://stargate.mgm.com/photosynth
  5. Haha! Nice change xD It's magic. *Cough*HeroBrine*Cough*
  6. Everyone on this forum except you did that. How do you think the moderators and all the model makes came up with the idea to use GTA VC for this mod. Because they f***ing played the game, that's why. But lets not put this topic on a split again. Any updates mike which are worthy to get into this topic?
  7. ... except the ones that you think aren't an ass at all.
  8. I agree! Good luck bro and sister(as we all are one big community) Darn that sounded to slimy >.< Oh well, not bothering changing it in any way xD Welcome DQ !
  9. Hole in your library? 0_o I haven't been in there, you told me it's private so I wouldn't go in there. Perhaps ask James if he did.
  10. That's not true, I've always been fixing those, even holes who weren't even mine. And I have more damge then only the top part, so I would be happy if mini-me would repair that, it's easier + it cost me less since the stuff I needed is stolen. Oh and mini-me I hope ya get well soon, I hope it wasn't to serious(I mean the thing which brought you into the hospital).
  11. Well she does know since I had: Toomanyitems running, so there's your awnser to that and the second thing about rebuilding my hotel. It's paticular impossible since there's also glass broken and that doesn't happen when it burned down + there's water all over the place and missing items out of my chests. So that's why I am asking for an replacement from the old backup. Same for the stairs leading to the switch which is covered with an obsidian block.
  12. Ah I see, well that might work ^^ Oh and RG, that spawing item doesnt work in the server in the first place and in the second place it was my girlfriend who did that, she didn't know how it worked and told me afterwards that it: "Wasn't responding, I didn't get any items that I wanted." And she already said sorry for that, I explained that to mini-me, so he knows about that.
  13. Well let me explain then to you: It's possible using MCedit to copie the part from that old backup and place it in the new safe. Ain't that hard to do, and that was what mini-me wanted to do for me, I bed mike could do that to if he wanted too.
  14. Which mini-me promised to restore for me anyway, so if mike's first then I won't mind him doing that eighter. Oh and RG what's with you again? Why being like that again? No offence, just wondering.