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  1. Hmmm found this 3D model but it ain't that detailed: http://www.flickr.com/photos/latok/5228195763
  2. Everyone on this forum except you did that. How do you think the moderators and all the model makes came up with the idea to use GTA VC for this mod. Because they f***ing played the game, that's why. But lets not put this topic on a split again. Any updates mike which are worthy to get into this topic?
  3. Nice! I assume tose glass parts are gonna be transparant right? Further more, great job! EDIT: That brownish thingy underneath the door supposes to be a bit more orangy Photo reference: EDIT 2: Seems there's also a little box behind the locomotive.
  4. @Carlos: its weird that no one on this topic came up with this comment, but the ‘screws‘ on the vents seem way to bright in context with the darkish collour of the vents. Aren‘t they supposed to be the same collour? Do correct me if I‘m wrong.
  5. Not accuarate models who've a way to high poly count.
  6. That's really good to hear ^^! But like I said, ya could start a contest between the peoples on this forum to already get some idea's and perhaps a winning layout for the site
  7. I know, I know that's true. But the problem is that newbies keep asking about new releases and what have been done already. Ain't there a way to cope with those questions without having you guys to talk to them again? But are ya guys planning to change the homepage, so newbies can see what's been done already and what's not allowed to ask(cause they obvious don't read the rules)?
  8. And that's why there should be just one person since you guys have lives. So you can cope with those and one person who doesn't have a live can be the messenger, just to get some stuff of your guys backs.
  9. To go on about my last post, I would also say: Don't let the public(all the people on the forum) know which person you may choose before you guys are 100% that it's the guy or girl you guys would need for this job, otherwise everyone will start bugging a person who perhaps doesn't know it himself or herself yet. Sorry about double posting btw.
  10. I agree with both BTTF Forever and Dave27. There should indeed be just one person who takes all the questions upon him. Sadly enough I don't think that the modding team has such a person in his team right now(no offence). So I would say: Modding team, run a test(if ya got the time of course) to see which people are online daily and are willing to talk to people. Next to that he or she needs to be trusted by all of you to give the precious updates. Last but not least, he or she needs to be a smooth talker and some one who won't get mad when he or see basically needs to awnser the same question over and over again. And now for the point Dave27 made: Modding team, try to make an layout of how the new homepage of the mod should look like, ask perhaps people on the forum by starting for example a contest like: Who'll build the best Homepage? I'm sure a lot of people would like to help on that! And now for the what Mike said: Problem is, most of the people who're asking those questions over and over again aren't actually looking in the news folder, don't know why though. The first thing they look at is the homepage and the albums, which are, in many peoples opinion, 'not really updated'. So I would say: Update the homepage too once in a while so people will see that first before they come jibberjabber all over this forum. I wish you all a good day!
  11. Question: I mentioned, when I was playing the 'old' bttf with the old delorean, that all of the 3 TT's have that ugly flat white part at the back. Any plannings on changing that into the stainless steel colour of the delorean? Would look way better and more accurate in my opinion.
  12. Thnx for the tip! Although if I would buy it now it would be pretty inconvenient since I'm going on holliday next week :/
  13. Agree. And I shouldn't opened up my mouth, had a bad day that day >.<(personal business)
  14. Yeah! another one who's gonna get a bann on his head xD!