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  1. There's a slight inconsistency with Goldie in general. In 55, he is young and yet to be the mayor. But only 30 years later he has an adult grandchild? Was he already a father in 55? Edit: Woops, it's early. I suppose 55-15 is 60 years haha.
  2. If he wants to reply to you he will. Just like I will if I want to. IMDB just has the character listed as "Dad". I suppose it could be, but Goldie always had a real chill vibe. The dad is a bit high strung. Plus he's rocking a mustache. Not sure that's something Goldie would do either. Also, consider in 2015 Goldie's grandson is in charge of the hover conversion business. Not really enough time there for a third generation to be so old considering the little boy in 1985A appears to be about 10-12.
  3. I have a 4S on iOS 7.0.4 I could test it on. Been working 72 hours a week to get my rent caught back up but I recently upgraded and re-jailbroke my phone. Been trying to get it back to a nice working JB themed out order. Still waiting on winterboard to fully support the .car file theme-ing. I also plan on getting back to some of my work soon here. More DeLorean f/x. Hey uokka, did you have any luck adding that thread to a stripped SCM? Would love to solve that pesky time changing HV bug and give you guys the time changing Tell Tale HV.
  4. Orgcon you know as well as I do you'll never give up on this mod/community because you have no place else to go same as the rest of us. In 25 years we'll still be playing VC on PC for mods.
  5. Only mod team members and IFT investors can use profile pics.
  6. I got the sound kit installed successfully! I'm kinda proud to be honest. A lot of soldering new switches, tiny wires and soldering, and uhhhh soldering haha. It's not plug n play when you have a pack that already has lights. It has to be wired into the lights. Anyways, it's loud! I hope I win some $! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uhR5kqOA64
  7. Ok, merged your posts again and.... You have got to be like 11 years old or something right? It's just sort of evident from your behavior and the fact that only a child would think flying cars would still happen after September 11th.
  8. I got your message on youtube. Yes, I've considered it. Maybe someday.
  9. And so the long journey begins. There's lots of tutorials on this around the net but I'll sum it up for you. Open the model in sketchup and open the texture window or material window or whatever and start right clicking on all the textures and saving them to a new location. Resize and rename them to work in a txd. 128, 256, 512, 1024, any variation of that pixel size. Reimport them one at a time and they should not distort. You'll need 3ds max with Kams maxscripts of course or don't even try this. Import a VC car into max and go to file and export a 3ds of the car. Import it into sketchup as any object and scale down the sketchup model. They're usually wayyy too big. Save it and export it as a 3ds which does require the premium or trial version of SU. Import that 3ds into max and render it to see what it looks like. It may ask for the location of the textures so locate them. If the textures do not appear open the material editor and use the medicine dropper tool to touch each texture and see if the texture is in the window. Each texture does not need to be manually converted to a GTA type but if it looks dark in game you'll need to adjust the Colored box to the right of the texture in the window. Export it as a dff for VC and you'll need a col script. I use col IO 2.b. Go to the modify tab and select vertex mode and weld all the vertexs to about .0001. Run the col script, surface parameters, set surface, create boundings, and save the col. Then download and open steves col editor and save the col as col type 3. Sketchup is awful for collision models so it's likely you'll have the create a new, much simpler model to use as the col model. If you don't know what a col model is you shouldn't be trying this either. Then put all the textures with the correct names in a txd using txd workshop. It's assumed you know how to put it in game but if not well, you need to read those tuts. I hope you don't think it's as easy as running it through a program or two and expecting a perfect dff, txd, AND col to pop out. It's an artform that tends to require lots of experience. If that sounds overwhelming you'll now know why not just anyone can create mods. You need at least a piece of a brain. Good luck!
  10. The threads title refers to being able to use more than 1 time machine. Not the different versions of it. That was never officially released by the team for San Andreas.
  11. The pack is about 25 pounds. So all of it together is pretty heavy.
  12. That's because it's a GB1 ribbon cable. Nice work Doc. Got mine fully together now. Got a pretty good deal on a pack on eBay already assembled! Had a few drinks last night and had a dress rehearsal haha. My flight suit: Belt with all the gizmos but no props: A few of the pack itself. It has a nice weathered finish: Lights already installed but no sound yet. And everything together:
  13. After telling you repeatedly that work is being done constantly and you repeatedly jabbing at us for not pouring our lives out into the mod instead of going to work, and school and all the things people do in real life I'm sick of hearing it. Warning issued. Now drop the whole "at least I'm doing something" bit!