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  1. Now, I'm not in any way bashing the team for the long time that was taken between 0.2e and 0.2f, my question is, will 0.2F be 0.2Final? If not, what is going to happen after 0.2F? Will development continue? Will you all move to another more updated GTA with a better game engine? If so, which one? What are the plans? Sorry if this has been asked before, I really haven't been active on here since 2010, so I've missed a lot. Glad to see we finally got a release date, thank you to the team for all the years and contributions you've made to this project if it is truley the end. A personal thanks to Mike for making this possible.
  2. Honestly, I use to check this site everyday and then once I saw the trailer back in 2012 I was excited.. I love the mod, but I have to agree that updates are almost never.. It would be nice to hear an update here and there instead of waiting months to years at a time..
  3. Make sure you put them in all the way. That is weird that yours disappear. I had this issue like 2 years ago when I played on an older computer. So what I did was made every delorean possible with the mod and parked it outside sunshine autos in the parking lot and then I created a save. I would do that.
  4. I was not on this forum for about a year and I love that yall are still working on it... If you people need a coder when school frees me I think I could help yall - NomadsBoy
  5. Yes but telltale has not come out and said that there will be... I hope there is. Yeah you right about if not part LOL
  6. Well Bttf the Game Pt 5 came out on PSN and I bought the series. The Game was fun beating it in 3 Hours Well... As the game ended My Bro and I made a bet that if it would say to be continued or not... I lost at the end of the credits it does. So I went to the telltale forums and there is a very big talk about a Season 2 to this great game! Well what do you think??
  7. Yea Dragon King said not to post it on the forums. He probably will get that post removed
  8. Ok thanks and agree the font you pay for is better but I don't want to give an illegal download
  9. This is a tutorial on how to get the BTTF font. This is tutorial is ment for Vista but I will try to help xp users as much as I can. Ok Download the font file from here: Click Here Ok now that you have it you can also the letters for the font Here Now that you have it extract it to the desktop. Ok now you should have a file that looks like this: Now Click Start then Control Panel Now Click Classic View Ok Now you should find a folder called fonts that looks like this: Now Click on it. Then drag the BTTF Font file that looks like this: into the font folder. Now it will say installing Back To The Future 2002 Once it has finished go to notepad. Then click on font Then type in Back To The Future 2002 Then you have it! !!Enjoy!!
  10. Wow Fail fail dude.... Have you read the post they cant because of copyright. If your going to post read the posts first. anyways, that would be awesome to see some team work like that but, wouldnt that take up coding space, not saying it be in 0.2f but like in 0.2e. Like I said I know this will not be in the official mod it would be an addon
  11. Yes I agree with you now will the delorean time machines be able to have the color codes changed?
  12. Nice Job on the new delorean. Keep up the good work
  13. I can see why now that I think about it but I thought it would be good you know like a conformation that trash or plutonium is in the delorean