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  1. Before you ask, this was the original BTTF: The Next Phase Movie that was suppose to be released in 2014, but due to a computer hard drive failure, everything stopped abruptly. Now that my computer is back working, and with the addition of GTA V for pc, production on the movie is back. Following the original plot of the original movie (with a few minor changes), the movie is split up into 5 parts or episodes, and will take place throughout all versions of GTA. The First Episode: Back In Time. This takes place in GTA SA, and Marty has found out that the Automatic Delorean Retrieval System has jumped back to his time, without Doc! Having found a recording, Marty sets out to rescue Doc, and he's in for the ride of his life. BackinTime Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VG_60yRwZE The Second Episode: Different World. (Not Spoiling the Ending of the first Movie). Takes Place In both GTA SA and IV. Marty has accidentally malfunctioned the time circuits, sending him forward 25 years into 2015. Liberty City 2015. With the help of some new friends, Marty is now in for the time of his life.
  2. Anybody mind posting what are the new features for 0.2f?
  3. Neomatrix, do you mind if you send me the code or the models and see if I can play with it to see if I can get it to stop crashing?
  4. Neomatrix, do you mind if you send me the code or the models and see if I can play with it to see if I can get it to stop crashing?
  5. Really? I have a 6 Plus and have Ultra Graohics on it. Works fine for me. It also works on iPad Air 2
  6. I ran into some problems with my account, so for some reason i couldn't post in here. But Its fixed so lets get on. This code keeps on giving me errors because of the opcodes that I put in but they never work so can anyone help me? Thanks! :TC_IN thread 'TC_IN' :TC_IN_10 wait 10 if Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR) jf @TC_IN_10 if 00DC: player $PLAYER_CHAR driving $DELOREAN jf @TC_IN_10 if $TC_CONTROL == 1 // integer values jf @TC_IN_10 if $TCON == 0 // integer values jf @TC_IN_181 if $FRIED == 0 // integer values jf @TC_IN_10 if and 00E1: is_widget_pressed 2 00E1: is_widget_pressed 7 jf @TC_IN_10 040D: unload_wav 1 03CF: load_wav 'BAND_06' as 1 $TCON = 1 // integer values
  7. He will give us an update when he is ready.
  8. Okay I need someone's help on this. Does anyone know how to change the keys for the time circuits and fly mode to the accelerate and brake button on the mobile version? That would really help me. Also The 0.2D DeLorean has way to many poly counts so I will have to use the 0.2C version. @Bttfmodmachine I totally forgot about San Andreas, I will post the pictures up tomorrow, thanks for reminding me!
  9. Have you ever wanted to take BTTF:HV where ever you go? Well now you can! This will work on ALL verisons of iOS , except iOS 7.1. This will work flawlessly on iPad 4, Air, and Mini and iPhone 5,5C, and 5S and iPod Touch 5! Screenies: (Please excuse the models as the gta3.img is not yet finished to be added in mobile, but will be very soon.) Download Link: Still in progress!
  10. When I added one of your mods + delorean88's mods, the game crashes when I try to go into fly mode. Also, the buttons for the timecircuts for your teleport mod dosent work, and the teleport dosent work. And the BTTF2 Hover delorean dosent spawn when I go into fly mode, the helicopter only spawns with the deloreans wheels coming out of its sides. Can you help me with this?
  11. Okay Update: I do have a beta version for GTA SA (Sorry it took so long.. I had regents) BUT I only tested it out for IOS 6.1.3 on the iPad 4. Does any one have an iPad 1-Air running iOS 7? Please PM me. Also: Stabilty. This is a HUGE problem considering that iOS 7.1 is coming out soon. GTA SA will crash if too many particles are running at once . So I have to figure out a way to "borrow " the stability from 7.1 to 7.x. PM Me for more details.
  12. Don't be so sure about being safe with jailbreaking. You might never know what will happen.
  13. I got IOS 6.1.3 on an iPad 4 and Mini and Vice City Works perfect with my BTTF 1 DeLorean that I imported into Vice City.