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  1. CONTROLS press 7 for a vehicle spawn menu TIME TRAIN CONTROLS T+I - time train help control - switch to flying mode jump - boost tab - refuel train at the very front edge TIME TRAIN CONTROLS (UOKKA MODIFIED) T+I - time train help 2 - time train hover control- train boost tab - refuel train at the very front edge DMC 13 spawn press 8 to summon dmc 13 it should show a black box with no text or nothing at all if u press down arrow and shift you make it spawn in cinematic mode if u press shift u get quick mode it will just put u in the dmc 13 fueled and ready to travel NORMAL CONTROLS Tab behind the delorean - refuel Horn + Space - quick travel or cinematic travel f4 - stop the beeping noice when time circuits turned on + - time circuits on/off and - to input destination input dates like this below 12 14 2087 16 30 :- use 24 hour clock for time input dont press f5 it just changes speedometer and has missing textures f6 , f8 , f9 to open/close doors f11 to turn time circuits to off u wont be able to time travel in this state unless u press f11 again f7 to remove time circuits display
  2. edited so i dont look like i was insane Well after 1 or 2 months of begging people for stuff (sorry) i finally made a custom modpack for gta san andreas with the previous post the larger 1885 map mod is also included i fixed all errors and just piled them all up and the only thing u have to install is this There will be about 3 to 4 folders Download link :- still uploading give me a few minutes test
  3. which kr mode first of all btw maybe like jan 3 2012? idk just send me the link ill try get a solution
  4. discord is Batman96 #5692 yeah yeah i dm'd everyone so uh website forum is the way to go