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  1. Lol, I didn't realize that until now.....
  2. Agreed. I believe mike said way back in December the Mod was 88% complete. Cars finished just modelling Hill Valley needed to be completed. I would think since it's been 3 months it would be done. OR we could of got a little post by Mike or anyone what the status is of the mod. Patience by now is lost by most of the people who were into this mod when it was first released. I bet 75% have lost interest and no longer checks the forums or website for updates. If we can't be supplied with just a little information, then what's the point in waiting for something that hasn't come out in years...I'll continue to check the forums weekly, but I won't expect much because the last time Mike mention 0.2f was when he changed the Destination Time to Jan 1 1885 back in December. Months to this mod feels like days. It's been what 4-5 years since 0.2e? I can't even remember when 0.2e was released. That's how long it has been.
  3. "If" it comes out anytime soon...
  4. I would love to test the mod on my devices, a more updated version. I know iOS 7.1 is upon release fairly soon. Even though people have been complaining about the speed and how unstable it is, this update should fix all of those problems. I myself already tested out iOS 7.1 Beta 5 and speed and stability is a massive fix. I think Neomatrix either gave up because all he would get is crashing than fixing. OR he was attending school or something. I know iOS 7.1 was said it won't be as fast as iOS 6, BUT the stability is fixed. The speed was also improved a lot compared to 7.0.4/7.0.5 and they also added some other neat features. If only Neomatrix was still here to work on this mod. I hope it's not abandoned and left for years. Like 0.2f.
  5. How come we were told this in December and never got the update in January? It's almost Feburary... I'll continue to wait. Like everyone else.
  6. Any news on Bttf:HV? I'm guessing he's hard at work on the models!
  7. Ok. Well, when I install the model it doesn't appear in game. That's why I wanted to know where it spawned. I can install the model but it won't appear in game. It's not related to the hardware. I've heard there's another way to import new vehicles into to the game. You would still use veh_high.img and the veh_high.dir But from what other people are doing is they're going into gta3.img and gta3.dir and replacing the sabre.dff in the gta3.img, rebuilding the archive and putting it back in gta3vc.app. Just like doing it with the veh_high.img replacing the sabre.dff and rebuilding the archive. I haven't tried out that method yet. If iOS 6.1.3 works with the model, will you be making it compatible with iOS 7? Or is iOS 7 too unstable for the mod?
  8. Ok. If I were to get the model working. Where does it spawn exactly? In the Dealership?
  9. I thought you were gonna release a beta test on Friday?
  10. Is anyone else out there testing on an Apple A5 chip? I know the iPad 2, iPod Touch 5 and the iPhone 4s run on Apple A5, not sure if there are any others. Is anyone testing on a iPad 2 or iPhone 4s? If so are you guys having trouble loading up the game upon installing the model? I'm having trouble with it. I did each step correct but I can't load up the game for some reason once installing the model. I know it's not a Hardware problem with the game. The game runs smooth and can keep a strong frame rate on the iPod Touch 5. Once I finished installing the model using iFunBox and loaded up the game it immediately crashes once the game loads up. I know people were saying that the game is constantly crashing with the model and that may be my problem but I have no clue. If anyone could give me some help, it would be much appreciative. I'm using the Vice City model Neomatrix posted.
  11. Once I've jail broken my device and have iFunBox Classic installed to my PC, then I add the sabre.dff download and then it's done? Or am I missing a step? Also once I modify Vice City on iOS is there anyway to restore the app once I've modified it? Or when I restore my device does it reset the app?
  12. Okay, thanks so much Neomatrix!
  13. Ah ok. So before I jail break my iPod 5, back it up then jail break it. If I want to restore it back to what it was before restore the device then go back to the latest back up. Makes sense now. I've also heard of evasi0n7.
  14. My only concern with this mod is, the jail breaking. I've never done it before and I feel as if once I jail break my device I can't un-jail break to and still have all my data on my device. I know you said something about having a UDID developer account to change the apps files and what not and I'll look into that. It's just I've never jail broken a device before.
  15. Ah, thanks for clarifying that for me!