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  1. When will you release the mod it's been years since you haven't released bttf hv mobile plz release it now

    Ps:Do you have Instagram?


  2. I still have all of the relevent files to this and can remember how I did it. I could never get the models to work properly. The game is too unstable when putting in custom models. For a while I had it working but have never been able to get models to work without crashing. If anyone has a fix for it I'll finish this straight away! EDIT: I see VC Mobile has been updated this year. I will try and see if I can get stablity with some kind of model. I did try lowering polys and everything but nothing would work. I will update with my progress. EDIT2: Now think I can get this working just need time.
  3. please link the mob BTTF Hill Valley Mobile fo Android , pleasee

  4. Giving up on this now. I can't even get it to work for the majority of the time. It's so unstable even just by adding 1 car in that it's a waste of time. Maybe it's more stable on Android but I don't have an android device. If someone can show me how to get it working without the persistent crashes then I'll continue to work on this. For now I won't be doing any work towards this.
  5. Well the iPhone 6 in general is not buggy at all for me. iOS 8 is slightly buggy and has a few problems but nothing too serious. GTA:VC for iOS is what's buggy, it's just not designed to handle the models I'm throwing at it. I haven't had it load up with the default delorean model once. It crashes every single time. Using that model previously wouldn't cause any problems but on my 6 it causes a crash every time. I still have my iPad 2 & iPhone 4S so I could do some testing with those also.
  6. Hi long time no see haha. I have just gotten an iPhone 6 and sadly this is still just as buggy on it. I'm looking into getting this working again but I need to figure out how it will work. I haven't been able to put any models in and have them working yet. Looks like hardware has nothing to do with the stability when using modded models. Just a bad engine really for it, it can cope with the lower poly default models but if you throw anything higher end at it, it just dies.
  7. Don't use that model I posted I believe it's not very stable. I did send you one on PM that is more stable so try that one. Vice City is really unstable with iOS 7 and models so I'm guessing better hardware will prevent that.
  8. You will have to use img tool as if it were GTA for PC. You need to copy the file veh_high.img and veh_high.dir and open it up and delete sabre.dff and add the one you want then rebuild the archive and copy it back on. If you want to modify and not have the app be affected you should keep a backup of the files you modify and restore them when you want. Or you can modify it and then delete it and redownload the app if you so wish. I'll upload some stuff for VC a bit later on. GTA SA BTTF 1 Delorean It's very laggy on my iPad 2 as expected but at least it doesn't crash like Vice City. It's a shame because the San Andreas engine copes with higher poly models a lot better than Vice City. It will be possible for the SA Mini Mod to be ported to SA for Android as CLEO is out now it would require a slight rewrite though.
  9. Yeah always do a backup, it's a good idea. I've heard that if you have use the Over The Air update which is if you updated on your device without using iTunes you may have to restore. However my iPhone 4S on 7.0.4 was updated OTA and it jailbroke fine. Give it a go if you have updated OTA and if it messes up just restore it and do it again. Evasi0n7 Site: http://evasi0n.com/
  10. Jailbreaking is completely safe, I've jailbroken all my iDevices and never had a problem with it. If you're on iOS 7 you'll need to get evasi0n7 download it and jailbreak your device. You cannot upgrade after a jailbreak and you will need to restore but you can always just do a backup+restore process. Also I could put this on cydia eventually but I won't until I can actually get something working 100%
  11. It will be a separate for people who want to keep Vice City as stock, the app I use for testing is separate and I can play Vice City just fine if I wish to. But as Steven pointed out I cannot put this on the app store or anything as the majority of the game is not owned by me and Rockstar and such wouldn't allow it. The only way I can provide this mod is to make an automatic installer that creates an .ipa for iOS and allows the user to install it as a separate app if they so wish.
  12. If you have an iOS Device you really need an A5 or higher and it needs to be jailbroken. There is a way of doing it without a jailbreak but it requires you to have a UDID registered developer account where you can modify the game files and resign the app for the iPad. Otherwise you need to access the app files through having a Jailbreak and using a program like iFunBox Classic to access the game files and copy them off and modify them. For Android you just need to access the games .obb files in /sdcard/Android/obb and extracting the files out and putting the modified files into the same folders as if they were in the obb into sdcard/Android/data.
  13. Ok that's fine thanks for testing! I think some of the models may be corrupt as they did come off my dodgy hard drive. I have a new model which is smaller that is working nicely on my iPad 2. I'll be putting some high poly BTTF cars up soon. No BTTF Cars yet but I have put this together for GTA San Andreas Mobile. I have tested on my iPad 2 and it works nicely. http://www.mediafire.com/download/x5vv17q8ht8lbx3/Delorean+SA+Mobile.zip Follow the instructions as I cannot do an automatic installer type thing.
  14. I don't see how a San Andreas Mobile version is really going to work. CLEO is out for Android and it is working however I doubt there will ever be a version for iOS. So the only way is to write an SCM for SA which there is no point. I'd say Vice City is the best way to go as I know that already works with the SCM etc. Also the mobile versions do not use TXD's but they use texture caches (.pvr) Import a TXD in there and it should work.
  15. Yeah as well as the A5. I would just like to get an idea of how this is going to work as I cannot really test this as the game crashes all the time with my iPad 2. I'm not getting a new device any time soon so it's going to be difficult for me to develop this. One way I am looking into is making this through Android + Bluestacks. I have no Android device but Bluestacks offers an Android environment and I have installed Vice City and it works ok on it. I imported the DeLorean in but I can't seem to edit the .scm as it's contained in the .apk file. I'll be trying Vice City 1.3 on iOS to see if I can get any different results. Also I'll be modifying the SCM to make the DeLorean not spawn at the beginning as I think that's what's causing the crash.