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  1. I apologize me. I have founded however only on the date (not on the time), hill valley doesn't exist, therefore I don't understand how you can say "hill valley local time"
  2. had to not be the today very attended day? years and years of attended, at the end the mod has gone out? or is it a dream of us foolish poor men only?
  3. pls help. where download the mod?
  4. hi ; me really I don't succeed in installing this mod! then I have downloaded her from here:http://backtothefut.3dn.ru/load/3-1-0-162 once downloaded as before thing have installed then the mini mod gta bttf (it foresees in the unloaded briefcase) I have copied the whole files of the briefcase in the directory of gta sa and I have added then finally the files of bttf and gt3 with img tool start the game I make new game and it comes me one screened black.. what am I wrong?
  5. You excuse my error; the mod I have found her, it calls bttf kr mod. Now however I don't succeed in installing her, the files to be put in bttf and img tool I have put them. In order I have done Installed the mini bttf Copied mod (it foresees in the briefcase) the files of the bttf kr Inserted mod the files of img tool If I make new game position and then best man a black screen
  6. hi; I ask here.. have I seen different tapes (among here also the mod of bttfmodmachine) of the sequence of the train faithfully reproduced on gta sa knows for making you understand better this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIJI4qz6BaM where can download her?
  7. You excuse if I always ask the usual question... But they are months that I don't see news on this mod.. What is it happening?
  8. Hi! But the download for the version Android?
  9. Hello all, Hello bttfmodmachine; but, permission to download new update?
  10. first of all,thank you all for giving their opinion,now,what he said blue deservers to be reread good! now,from what i understand is hill valley that is giving a lot of problems at team boys,i understand the loyalty to the series and all,but i want you to notice two things version 0.2e had two versions:R1 and R2 the difference was just in hill valley,many computers do not govern,so why do all this mess,there would be enough to make two version a with hill valley complete and with half-hill valley(as 0.2e R1 and R2) and thenk we boys in 2014 if there is some bug you just release mod with an automatic updater looking for updates from your site and istalls them so we could have fun everyone even those who have a old pc,you would not have the problem most of the bugs; and all happy! if you think the solution is so easy -doctor
  11. has nothing to do,but where did you get those clips are epic