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  1. What did John DeLorean think of Back to the Future and how his car was was modified? Personally, a DMC-12 just seems naked without the addition of a flux capacitor, time circuits, Fusion Genertaor, coils, and vents
  2. Hey uokka. I was wondering if your modified hover code could work with the wheel folding animation in BTTF:SA

    1. uokka




      Hey uokka. I was wondering if your modified hover code could work with the wheel folding animation in BTTF:SA

      What!? It does! [:P] Well, I've redone the folding animation.

      The best thing in my edits (from my point of view) is that there aren't any additional wheel models needed to be added to / loaded by the game (since we do not switch to helicopter which has no wheels) which might be better for stability and completely...

  3. If you are referring to the time help script in which a DeLorean spawns via temporal displacement reentry then yes.
  4. I Think I mentioned this in another topic, but it was on topic so, I am wondering if anyone has knows about someone named Programist who made modifications the BTTF SA 0.3.2 code and added more features such as all the DeLoreans and improved effects, a teleport code that lets you teleport to in the timecircuits.cs (which I myself am trying to figure out how to make usable on all DeLoreans),a Railroad mission, RC DeLoreans, etc. It also has K.I.T.T and C.A.R.R. I got it from here: http://bttf-sg-mod.ucoz.ru/load/back_to_the_future/source_code_for_gta_sa/sourse_code_01_03_2012/8-1-0-349 It also looks a lot like Delorean88MP's All DeLorean Add-ons mod.
  5. in the Trilogy, did Temporal Displacement effects start at 80 or 88 MPH?(excluding BTTF3 DeLorean and the first temporal displacement experiment) Im asking because of the way time travel works in BTTF:HV and in BTTF:SA.
  6. This is where I got the source code containing the new wormhole texture http://bttf-sg-mod.ucoz.ru/load/back_to_the_future/source_code_for_gta_sa/sourse_code_01_03_2012/8-1-0-349 The download has a password and I'm not sure if I should post it since I had to ask for it and have it PM'd to me. Edit:I forgot you need an account to view that part of their forum.
  7. I actually found that same wormhole effect in someones source code edit by a guy named Programist from a russian site. Delorean88MP's new wormhole effect looks like its actually a combination of a new spark effect and a new wormhole texture.
  8. To add to that, his custom wormhole effect looks very movie accurate. Is there anyway you'll be releasing that, Delorean88MP?