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  1. Sadly no only famous people I met in person was Carmelo Licciardello Christian Singer from the 90s, George Lowe from Space Ghost & Chuck Dixon the comic book & novel author, as for online I've talked to Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver) & Sandy Sellner (original Alpha 5 in costume) from power rangers, most actor's don't come to my location.
  2. I was stuck on that to for a little bit, some didn't like the game but I love it even til this day.
  3. Like them all so far there's now a new one called Biff to the Future where you follow the timeline of Hell Valley's Biff before Marty fixed the timeline.
  4. Looks Awesome hope you can get it working I know Trancelikestate done a few models don't know how he done it though.
  5. that's cool they also had the same thing happen in MIB 3 without the parachute part
  6. Would like to help but I only run Windows Xp its the only one I like, I tried vista & 7 on teamviewer the mod works on those don't know about 8
  7. I know this topic is old but I just now saw it lol I'm glad you liked the video -FreeJohnDoe2006
  8. Works fine for me and at the moment I'm on chrome on my cell phone
  9. Nice work Leaf I never really paid attension to the light boxes before lol I was just happy with playing the mod
  10. not sure how it would fit in the Bttf world since thats the Bttf 1 car and the bttf 3 car was in bttf 3 but very interesting Thanks for sharing will definitely see movie just for Doc and delorean
  11. unless you edit a video with something like sony vegas pro and use planters mod or something and create an elution. however thats just made up it wont be exactly from the game. otherwise than you making it with a video pragram editor it isn't possible due to just as Mr. BTTFModMachine pointed out. have a nice day sir.