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  1. Thyncho, its my job to ask such questions looks good.
  2. ok, so is ALL i see yours? Like, some of the signs seem like Liams etc...
  3. Sorry I said I couldn't resist. Anyway, The models look ok but I see elements of our downtown models in there. Am I wrong on this assumption?
  4. I can think of only ONE possibility.............................. THEY ARE MOVIES!!! If I wanted to remake BTTF where marty actually doesn't make it back to 1985 because a giant panda riding atop a Flying Unicorn that farts out rainbows and pukes up delectable gumdrops decided to land on top of marty and kill him.... that's what's gonna happen
  5. Great person And Texturerrrrr....

  6. You can put in the video where the delorean and parts came from by giving proper credit. But just be sure to add that the BTTF Mod Team is not affiliated with this work of yours and all is ok
  7. It's nice, but I'm not a fan of the fact you attached our logo on it. Since we have nothing to do with it and people may think we do.
  8. A bit of a bump. So I played through the whole thing, as did a lot of you. However, was anyone else kind of.. put off by the constant jokes and references to the Trilogy? To me, it made the game more of a... parody... rather than an ACTUAL non-canon sequel.
  9. I liked my monster truck and mountain dew delorean
  10. I only did the closing animation as the open animation is used by almost every car in the game. So it's better to leave it as it is.
  11. There is a bump in this thread's future.
  12. are those 3 guys accurate builders? I know they have kick ass cars but not how accurate