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  1. Bought this car. $1550 (standard transmission)
  2. Freaky thing is that the bible says that at the end of times Israel will be an independent nation again after milenia of foreign occupation and that Jerusalem would once again be it's capital. Coincidence?
  3. Mine's a tie between Dexter's Laboratory & Gargoyles.
  4. Specifications Probably the coolest phone I've ever owned (so far)
  5. It's legal in countries that have LIFE+50 copyright laws. Meaning that the material is copyrighted only for 50 years after the release of the book itself. Since these books were written between 1912 and 1941 they no longer fall under copyright laws and are free. Which is why I said "Public Domain". They are the entire books. And the "kindle" is the device used for reading eBooks from Amazon.com
  6. When you're stuck in the hospital and unable to get to a book store it is. Also, remember that some of the download links on the pages are for Kindle as well. So, the question is, "Are you willing to read an entire series of books on your computer?"
  7. Hey, if I remember correctly my idea for a "Brushed Stainless Steel" tiled background went over pretty well.
  8. Discovered? I've been listening to her since I was 13 years old. My sister had the album The Violin Player. What I'm listening to now, it's so freaking EPIC!
  9. The only contestants I've ever liked from these kind of shows. And I particularly don't like these kind of shows.
  10. and here's your cake...
  11. Looked at this thread for the first time right before I wrote this and it's becoming apparent that there is one conflict after another here. I would go so far to say that the forum is looking less like a gaming community and more like a bad kindergarten classroom what with the bickering, stealing, and unruliness. To those people who have been problems in the past (trolls, thieves, etc), it's disrespectful to the mod team and especially mike who makes this all possible. So, be civil or get the hell out! But then these kinds of threads are hilarious when high.
  12. One problem, it's based on an factual place and not a fictional one. Change Las Vegas to Las Venturas or something.