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  1. Hey, if I remember correctly my idea for a "Brushed Stainless Steel" tiled background went over pretty well.
  2. Looked at this thread for the first time right before I wrote this and it's becoming apparent that there is one conflict after another here. I would go so far to say that the forum is looking less like a gaming community and more like a bad kindergarten classroom what with the bickering, stealing, and unruliness. To those people who have been problems in the past (trolls, thieves, etc), it's disrespectful to the mod team and especially mike who makes this all possible. So, be civil or get the hell out! But then these kinds of threads are hilarious when high.
  3. he explained when the transition occurs. It occurs when Biff hands marty the keys. Meaning that he'll use the Elisabeth Shue Wells
  4. Jen, you need to learn to read between the lines.
  5. I thought the only reason you guys made it faster was for The Ride since you had to keep up with Biff.
  6. He just extracted them from the game itself and didn't encode them to another format. A lot of games use ogg files for the audio. One of the reasons is because it's an open-source codec that has no patents. Another reason is because it is somewhat easy to work with.
  7. umm, wait. Oh you said not many. OK, because I distinctly remember people looking out the windows of their cars wondering what the hell a delorean was doing on a train track. But like you said it was not many; meaning only several people were wondering what the hell was going on.
  8. or download the crack. I mean you paid for it, you should be able to play with it even if you can't get the username login to work.
  9. Nvm, now he's decided not to do it. http://popwatch.ew.com/2010/11/17/robert-z...d-of-oz-remake/
  10. Well, Zemeckis is busy with other projects as well. Like for example his version of Wizard of Oz.
  11. The british colonists never made it that far. At least not until 1806 which was the end of the Lewis and Clark expedition and even then they were United States citizens. And then there's also the fact that at that time it was Spanish territory.
  12. Of course everything Universal related is there. Weird Science poster. OMG, I love that movie (the show too).
  13. He most likely switched it off because he was shifting when he was driving away from Peabody's farm.