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  1. Is was a pain in the arse getting the none hover conversion dels up there though.
  2. There is only one map 1955, and that was the one that made it into 0.2d/e in order to do the more famous TT sequence/mission from the first film. As far as I am aware the only places you can officially DL this mod is on these forums and on ModDB. So this Gamefront is quite possibly just a scam, someone trying to claim credit for someone elses work and doing a very bad job of it as they didn't include their name. The whole 5 maps thing was clearly miscommunicated to the person who created the DL page. There are 5 time frames in 0.2e that change depending on which era you are in, but it only changes the style of cars to suit the era.
  3. Since they were all created to contain the same Knight Industries A.I unit, they are all just upgraded/updated versions of the same thing. K.I.T.T K.A.R.R was the only other separate A.I.
  4. Because it was censored to (bananas) by the Admin as it was over used by obsessive ppl who couldn't stop talking about it and wrongly refereeing to it as delokit and not its proper title K.I.T.T (Knight Industries Time Traveller).
  5. He said that in the Clang video, a game which is now never being made.. He has such a bad influence.
  6. Gabe Newell said that exact same thing about HL2 updates. How many years late is episode 3?
  7. If we all pooled our resources, we could of had the mod finished 4 years ago. I guess it will always be stuck in limbo though. If 0.2f/3.0 doesn't have the whole Hill Valley map completed or nearing completion, then i might give up with the mod altogether. Most of the Community has already moved on. Merry Christmas.
  8. Take your time with it, and save up. You will eventually be able to afford a total overhaul with new everything. New Next gen PC games won't be around till next summer, so you have plenty of time to start a new build from scratch.
  9. I'm pretty sure its the audio limits of the Renderware engine. I often found that if too many sounds are trying to be played at once, the game CTD's. And its the same for SA too. Worse, there is no audio limit adjuster. I've even tried adding more libraries but it never solved the problem.
  10. You'll have it by Christmas Day if it is, Mike seems to be confident enough.
  11. mta.bttfhv.com is the IP. I wrongly labeled it as Password. VC-MP is even more deader.
  12. You'd still need the Original Server host files that correspond to that client though. ELBD's SA-MP is DEAD, end of. And apparently I was wrong about Mike's MTA server, it still might be going. but you'll have to check here yourself. http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=3621&page=1 I dunno what client you need, 1.3 was the last one I remember. But everything is downloaded from the server. IP Address: mta.bttfhv.com
  13. What the hell has that got to do with the map?
  14. Well I have stuff on Mediafire that have been dormant since 2008 and they are still available for DL, and I can't remember the last time I was on MF (appart from 2 mins ago to check). So I don't know what has happened to BTTFMM's stuff.