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  1. the deloreans anti theft should be to open the windows before time travel and automatically set the time to a minute into the future.
  2. 1885 my city not a city but is a expanding town, my street still farmland 1955 city expanded taking over neighbouring villages, my street built, docks filled in 1980 parts of city cleared presumed poor housing. city still expanding, my street the same 2045 city still the same as today, maybe cleaned up but not real expansion my street still the same
  3. the trick is that you find someone who is supposed to win that bet and carry it out under that name, besides its been proved paradoxes don't happen, they just create a alternate timeline. there is also the fact that marty could win the money then take it back with him which would mean that it would only effect the present.
  4. and thats why i believe he should have let marty make a bet using the almanac.
  5. have you checked to see if the game without the mod loads?
  6. is there something wrong with the earths gravitational field in the future?
  7. i believe that it would be classed as an alternate timeline, with the 1955 doc knowing that it will happen but if you think about it hes a scientist and has already established he believes in maintaining the spacetime continuum, only changing things where the final outcome is not known. for example when doc is shot marty does not get chance to check if doc is really dead he could have been wearing the bullet proof vest in the first place. if you stole plutonium from terrorists wouldn't you protect yourself?
  8. but they can be added by the end user, which then nicely circumvents that issue.
  9. 1.21 gw alot less then the power usage of the uk in a year.
  10. hmm, you mean like the place where old beaver tooth should be?
  11. could be still up, but depends on if enough people have been using it if not then the owner would have most likely have stopped using the server to save money.
  12. plasma, technically you could apply a blue corona to that part and voila plasma on the magnet.