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  1. the deloreans anti theft should be to open the windows before time travel and automatically set the time to a minute into the future.
  2. 1885 my city not a city but is a expanding town, my street still farmland 1955 city expanded taking over neighbouring villages, my street built, docks filled in 1980 parts of city cleared presumed poor housing. city still expanding, my street the same 2045 city still the same as today, maybe cleaned up but not real expansion my street still the same
  3. sorry that i haven't logged into the forum's in a while, i have been busy with my architecture degree. i didn't even release that 0.2f has been released it has been years since i have played gta vice city but i will install it for the the sole purpose of playing the new version of the mod. hopefully my gtx 770 (for £100) will be able to run it jk.
  4. Anyone here ever gotten so drunk that they can't remember anything after a certain point? i have twice, the first time i was in holland and drank 6-8 pints of heinenken and blacked out on the way back to the hotel, although i hadn't had too much to eat but basically remember flashes of the journey back but then woke up fully clothed in bed. the 2nd time which was only tuesday night i drank a pint of old golden hen then went back to the hotel with a mate after we bought a small bottle of gin and drinking some of that on the journey back as well as a pint of guiness at the hotel, i must have drank a third of the bottle. but i woke up in bed with my knees scrapped and a nasty cut on my side, no hangover.
  5. you just use the change photo link when you click on the settings on your profile
  6. become a ift investor i believe, unless there is another method i don't know.
  7. With a new computer case since the one i have must be 10 years old. no more front connections which broke, lost dvd drive covers so to prevent dust i used paper and masking tape to seal the gap. good advice though plus the longer i save up the better parts that will come out, thinking if i save up £500 i can get a fx 8350 with a good motherboard which has 2 or 3 pcie ports.
  8. I am currently considering upgrading my computer but keeping my graphics card which is a asus directcu hd 7770. i have been looking on amazon at the fx 8320, while at the same time i want to upgrade my motherboard to give myself the choice of buying a 2nd hd 7770 in the future. my current proccessor is a athlon ii x2 260 3.2ghz, motherboard is a msi gf-615 p33 v2, with 2 sticks of corsair 1333mhz 2gb ddr3 memory. i am also considering buying faster memory. (prefer amazon.co.uk links since it would give me uk prices) I will be paid between £250-£320 a month depending on how many hours i work which i plan to let build up for 3 months and then spend half of it on computer parts.
  9. thats why i posted it here and not on youtube, no link for me to be suspended on then.
  10. there is a petition to bring the reply system back on youtube https://www.change.org/petitions/google-change-the-youtube-comment-section-back-to-its-original-form#share
  11. yep had to move my hdd down so the power cables didn't get in the way of the shroud fitted to the gpu
  12. seemed cheaper compared to nvidia only cost me £82.55 for the hd 7770
  13. i recently upgraded my graphics card from a gainward gt 440 1gb gddr3 to a radeon hd 7770 asus dirctcu 1gb gddr5 graphics card.