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  1. I remember when i do this in my times of "modder" of Gta.. if you still add thats codes the game gonna crash.
  2. I do not think BTTF HV its able to use addons...everything is blocked..bugs..glitchs, if you want to make a Mod of this "type", make of 0
  3. Is this a addon for BTTFHV? or new mod of bttf for vc?
  4. Only to said.... Final Fantasy XV xDDDDDDD
  5. sarcasm? .. I think here is not going...(if not sarcasm, sorry xD)
  6. What I am saying is that if the game comes out in 2016 or 2017 its ok, but at least they could show pictures...
  7. Kingdom Hearts 3 o.O? No more than 5 years in development...
  8. Well... in 7 years.. developers would made a complete new game e.e
  9. It seems that this canceled....
  10. Sorry to be one more than they ask for it... But the version 0.2f is canceled?..Many expect small news of this version, I dont know if you could publish news or pictures ..even if small... (If there is any news now about this, let me know in the comments, long ago not enter to this page) Sorry for the english..
  11. Trance I do not see the problem they want to create another team
  12. Are you sure you want to create a new team?

  13. Ready, The model is already in 3Ds Max but the texture does not appear and if I apply it stays purple PLEASE HELP!!!!
  14. Hello, I would like to know the right way to Export from Blender to 3DS Max and after 3Ds Max to Vice City. Plase Help.... u.u This is the model that I want to export: Thanks.