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  1. I think the homepage desperately needs updating and a recent news section might be a good idea, I dont think it should be that time consuming to post progress updates every 3/4 months. Blogs usually means update info but that seems to be restricted You might as well just post a sign on the homepage saying "F**K you fans & supporters! I'm better than you! Donate $10 to see updates!"
  2. Finally a sensible responce, this could have been the 2nd post, but instead people treat it like an msn conversation, Allow me to be frank, this is the second time this year Ive posted on this forum and the second time ppl act all clicky and immature, and the 'map positioning guru' says you arnt fleshing out the map untill the courthouse square is done? The detail shown in the 2.f pictures is great, but perhaps too much time is being spent on it? After all this time I think its fair to have a basic city layout, personally that would have been my first step; Creating an overall topography of the area Creating basic non detailed placeholder buildings for all locations in all 4 timezones Creating roads & railroad based on 1885 - 1985 all with basic textures Theirby dumping the VC map alltogether I would be happy to do these basic things because I care about this project, but I dont care about a bunch of guys doing nothing but jerking each others egos (actually thats my second hobby) but seriously my impression is that this project has totally lost its focus with no real updates for over a year, whats changed? Again im not trying to sound like a prick im just asking questions and being honest, Try to understand the things Ive said before the next wave of immature posts, and if you'd rather I not post on this forum again, I shall bid you Good Day... I said good Day Sir!
  3. No, I wanted to see the square, also grow up. Thank you
  4. There are no pix of the square itself in the 0.2F album it was the most relevant pic I could find. More modding less minecraft.
  5. Your right there is a building behind the courthouse Personally I dont think this building would extend the entire width of the courthouse, it is a CourtHouse meaning theres a judges' podum at the back and a row of seats etc (eg: Lair Lair) I didnt mean copy the Thin Set Building structures or rooftops I know this is an early render but I'd really hate to see the finished product look like this as a square, artistic license is fine to plug missing gaps but re-interpreting what weve seen in the movies is not good. The non-slanted road was really noticeable in game, Personally I would use that google view to directly overlay and model the road structure and then from that get the actual 1:1 scale As for the overall map, since the delorian flys, I would make the map area as large as possible and create a hardline sea wall, then plot where everything will be placed taking into consideration the direction they come from/go to in the movie.
  6. No, havent seen any recent pix Firstly Im not out to impress anyone or expand my ego by showing off and demanding I take over the entire project, should I decide to ask if I can help, I will show what I can do (or can not do) to project leaders. Secondly why does everyone on the internet cast other people as trolls when they Dont act like mindless fanboys and have an honest constructive opinion, negatives can lead to positives, its how we grow. Saying everything is instantly awesome without question doesnt help anything. the1upDude understood what I ment
  7. Well my first point was that the courthouse sqaure was wrong, and that was first designed 2007? I dont wanna seem like a douche, but it just seems to me that a kick in the pants and new blood might help. I only say that because I really want to see this project move along. I appricate we all have outside lives ( well I dont but you know what i mean) for now I will create a 'concept map' and submit it for consideration in a few months time. (and by 'consideration' I mean debate, there are too many BTTF fans to just have one guy decide the universe layout)
  8. I would be happy to work on basic buildings (between my own GTA PRJs, and after proving myself worth bothering with) for now I'd just, I'd like to see the layout, and have it open for discussion. Also its important for the models to be styalistically similar so it doesnt seem obviouis that multiple modelers have crafteted the city I appricate there are realistic distance limitations, Im sure VC has the same distance limitation as SA As I see it based on the movies it wouldnt be difficult to create an overall terrain area, depending on if its a closed area map or island, this project has been running for along time now i'd be surprised if there isnt a confirmed city layout yet, I know what 'I' would do, I'd just like to see whats planned.
  9. Firstly Im really into this BTTFHV project and i really hope it is eventually realised as a complete contained product, and not just impressive addons for Vice City. Im interested to know how the city model area will be laid out?, will it be 'islandified', or without the use of helicopters/planes and barricated off at map edges? There are many references in the BTTF trillogy on where certain places are located in relation to where they are (and will be) eg Biffs tunnel, shonash ravine, The mcfly ranch Doc's ancestors place & Doc's future place etc, This Google view is just a small example of the length of the clocktower, (also seen in BBTF2 when biff says 'someday you will be mine' and the angle of the road at the p**no theatre. (really P0 rno is ***'d??) http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=courthouse...001725&z=19 I have modelling skills and would be willing to help but personally Im very anal about these things and I like to do things right. For example Marty needs to pass through the courthouse square to make his way to school from Docs place, its fair to assume that Lion estates is before Doc's place (perhaps just past Two Pines mall) See Anal , and i can type anal but I cant type p0rn0? lol) The current BTTFHV Couthouse sqaure looks amazingly detailed it just seems a shame to omit these (all be it minor) details. I'd be happy to create an interpreted overview area map, and leave it open for debate
  10. Search for lynda.com 3ds max tutorials they are really well done and easy to follow and The 3ds max6 tutorials are still applicable to later versions.
  11. Deleted, to smooth the waters (although Trancelikestate you threw a BTTF quote at me and you didnt get mine?, for shame)
  12. EDITED: Its just my opinion Telltale models have no place in Hill Valley Mod, They should not even be associated with it in Any way . Perhaps if everything from TT-BTTF was ripped into a GTA environment Great, but keep them seperate. This is what im trying to say.
  13. Firstly copyright infringement aside, the telltale models are WAY too cartoony for GTA, I would however use the same textures to model a normal GTA character, and use references from 1985HV for anything missing from the mod. Also to me the Telltale delorian doesnt look any different to me than the one created for BTTFHV, If i was an admin I would ban this thread as it only distracts and cheapens the epicness that is 'GTA Hill Valley Mod'. As for the rippers with a superiority complex, It doesnt take a huge amount of effort to realise that most games can have models ripped by using 3D Ripper DX or checking out current game extraction developments at Xentax forum. Just my 2 cents , stick that in your bong and dont smoke it because its bad for your health