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  1. This is very exciting, Leaf. Good job. Thanks for all the hard work. I'm looking forward to try out the new game.
  2. Thank you very much for considering helping me with your script. And don't feel bad about your mods : ) Edit : Here is a script by fastman92. It rotates the wheels to 90 degrees, but, I don't know how to make it so that I can activate/deactivate with key_presses, instead of typing "wheels". Typing isn't supported on X-Box G1. I'm trying to make it useable to main.scm, instead of cleo. I can't ask him again, because he already did too much for me. // This file was decompiled using sascm.ini published by GTAG (http://gtag.gtagaming.com/opcode-database) on 14.6.2013 {$CLEO .cs} //-------------MAIN--------------- 0002: jump @NONAME_113 0662: printstring "Author: fastman92" 0662: printstring "Wheel angle like with cars on water cheat, rotated by 90 degrees." 0662: printstring "Version: 1.0" :NONAME_113 0006: 0@ = 0 :NONAME_120 0001: wait 0 ms 00D6: if 0ADC: test_cheat "WHEELS" 004D: jump_if_false @NONAME_120 00D6: if 0039: 0@ == 0 004D: jump_if_false @NONAME_241 0AD1: show_formatted_text_highpriority "fastman92 wheels script ON" time 2000 0A8C: write_memory 6989604 size 4 value -1869605909 virtual_protect 1 0A8C: write_memory 6989608 size 1 value 144 virtual_protect 1 0006: 0@ = 1 0002: jump @NONAME_313 :NONAME_241 0AD1: show_formatted_text_highpriority "fastman92 wheels script OFF" time 2000 0A8C: write_memory 6989604 size 1 value 160 virtual_protect 1 0A8C: write_memory 6989605 size 4 value 9867602 virtual_protect 1 0006: 0@ = 0 :NONAME_313 0002: jump @NONAME_120
  3. Thanks, again uokka. I'll try to remove the 3d audio stream script parts. Just to be certain, there's no hovering and no animation, correct? I'm going to post a link to a video I made of me playing a mod "Gravity Gun" by Ryosuke installed into Zaz's stripped main Zombie Alarm on X-Box. Video Download Link (53MB) : http://www.mediafire.com/download/ui0upg8ggffghi2/XBOX-GTA_SA_Float_Gun_TEST.7z If I remember correctly it also had memory hacks. In the past I talked to a modder that had a friend that got Cleo scripts working on an X-Box somehow, but I haven't heard from him in a very long time...
  4. Hi, BTTFModMachine. I didn't get any crash. I'm just trying to get help by great modders for supplying a small key press script that will make the wheels rotate 90 degrees, no animation models, just 90 degrees like when you enter the drive on water cheat and the wheels bend. I'm sorry I didn't include "X-Box" in the topic title. I was afraid nobody would want to help me with the small request. I recently installed a "Flying Cars" mod into the main.scm that was meant for cleo. It works on X-Box after installing it into main.scm. All vehicles & Bikes fly very smoothly. I also got other mods working as well. If this thread is bad, I'm sorry, I understand if it gets locked.
  5. Hello, uokka. Thank you for reading and responding to my topic. I forgot to mention that I'm trying to install it into a non BTTF mod. Thanks for your link. The third spoiler "BttF_Hover_Anim.s (notice, its not .cs)", is it possible to install into the main.scm? I noticed it has 3d audio stream in the script. I have to confess that I'm playing mods on X-Box G1. I'm worried about mentioning that, because nobody will reply if I mention X-Box. Pretty much mods will work on X-Box as long as they're not cleo, don't require 3d audio stream, and files are installed into existing Rockstar folders. But, I understand if it's impossible to make a small main.scm script version. Thank you for your support in letting me edit your script and try to see if I can get it working.
  6. Hello, everyone. Sorry if this isn't the right section. Is there a script to activate & deactivate cars' wheel to become the Flying Delorean's wheels when it flies to be ported into the main.scm? I installed a flying cars mod and would like to have this feature for all cars. It could just look like when you activate the "Drive on water" cheat where the cars rotate 90 degrees. There's a cleo version where I have to type "wheels", but I may I please have one for main.scm only with these key_press to activate & deactivate: 00E1: player 0 pressed_key 4 00E1: player 0 pressed_key 8 Thank you in advance. I was going to post in trouble shooting, but, it's empty (no topics).
  7. While we're waiting we could just read "Grays Sports Almanac" maybe it will say when all the builds will be released? j/k : )
  8. Thanks, Darth-Sidious. Thanks for helping me out. Thanks for think link, too. I really tried looking everywhere for a mod with no cleo required. I did actually find a website that had an early beta using only the main.scm and the K.I.T.T. car, but the download link didn't work anymore. I think I might've tried contacting the person working on that mod, but I got no response...
  9. You got Kitt's features without cleo? Cool. How did you do it? And is it possible to convert GTA VC Kitt mini mods scripts to GTA SA main.scm? By the way, BTTFMODMACHINE-do you visit gtagarage? I think I saw a user there with your avatar there. I think he was asking about a cleo script to change a player model, not sure.
  10. Hi. Thanks to the both of you for responding. I've already tried that mod out before, thanks But, I was hoping somebody would port the GTA Vice City Kitt Mini mod to GTA SA without using Cleo. Just was looking for a mini Knight Rider mod, nothing too fancy. It would be great if this could be done. Thanks again for helping me out. The one found on this website would be great to port over to GTA SA. The one like in the link you posted would be awesome without requiring Cleo, but, it sounds like it would be too difficult to do?
  11. Hello, everyone. I have a small request. May I get a script of the classic 1980's Knight Rider's functions for GTA San Andreas? Please, no Cleo. Just a simple small mini script. The following list is the only thing I'd like to install: -Spawn/summon K.I.T.T to you -1980's K.I.T.T moving scanner -SPM (switch from normal to spm) -Turbo Boost -K.I.T.T follows you -Jump That's it! I just request a mini mod. I tried all over the net to find just these scripts as source to add it into the main.scm. I really want to add it into "SpaceEinsteinv3.0." I understand if it's not possible. Thanks.
  12. When I save like around after the 5th-6th mission completed the game freezes for the K.I.T.T. Edition v0.9.1 on Xbox1. I know the original readme came with bug warnings to save often. Now, I'd like to compile the K.I.T.T. edition into "Timetwister Vice City v1" by Demarest. I'd like to play any mission whenever I want with kitt mod to test which missions are compatible with him. And also I just want to have everything unlocked I heard somewhere that you need the missionbuilder that was specifically used to compile a specific mod. When I tried doing it myself the main.scm ended being 5mb and the game would freeze when the loading menu's loading bar was at about 90-95%. And the missionbuilder was telling me about checking some line 0-6, twenty something to twenty something... Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.
  13. This is really cool! Great work, RobertBlox.