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  1. Haven't been here for a while but dosen't look like i've missed anything. This site popped up on a google search for something else so I thought i'd have a nose. Forgot this mod exsisted. i've been busy with life too but its hard to see the point of this website still being paid for by someone, whats the point if your not going to use it. At this rate people will have to raid the rubbish dumps for pc's that will be able to run VC. Don't worry there will be some underneath all those copies of ET
  2. Dave27

    SimCity 2013

    Not buying simcity 2013 i'm waiting for an offline version to emerge. Don't care where from :/
  3. Is there a wild gunman flash game if so does anyone wants to code into an arcade machine for 1984 and 2015 maps?
  4. I forgot the original version kept crashing on me and this version won't even load a new game :/ Strange thing is this is a different pc with a fresh build of SA. How did I fix it last time?????
  5. Already downloaded from Moddb. Haven't had chance to play it yet but its guna b ace.
  6. That looks like a bad reskin of a bad Akira model.
  7. Looks really good but i've only got one question to ALL the mappers not just you. Why is everyone (Except trance and maybe some other ive missed) only making the 1955 map? As we know Llam is currently making them for the mod, so rather than looking like your copying him why not make 1985 or 1985a or even 1955, or maybe even a gta style 1931 instead of the telltale version that again Trance has done. Yes your a talented mapper so please make something new not another version of the same map.
  8. Just a thought now we know youv'e got the train in so have you put any track down or shall we use/can we use Trance's Shownash ravine mod? Lucky all the Mayans were wiped out be the spanish so no-one can press the big red button
  9. Very well. Rasputin, bring hither the skin diving suit with the bottom cut out, and unleash the rampant wildebeest.
  10. If the majans are good at predicting stuff why didn't they see the spanish slaughter them? Maybe they should of stopped predicting stuff and looked out of the ziggurat
  11. Groovy, Never seen a flamthrower in any of the films though, was it a game weapon? You need to add deadite sayings as they run around such as "We'll Swallow your soul" can't think of more at this time in the morning on my first coffee. Remove stars as well unless you take away the weapons and reskin the cops as deadites Any chance of making a terrible looking medievil castle and rotorblade upgradefor his car. Also you need a big swirly portal and giant tree monster thing to ripe him from the cabin. Could make an interesting boss fight. Don't forget a graveyard and a windmill plus an evil version of Ash. The first "meeting" he would be just evil Ash then after a polite discusion on who is evil or nice. There should be the armoured skeleton version.
  12. I think I was in a pub on halloween if not why not! Its easier than answering the door Looking good trance. Any sweeter and female with breasts I probably would.....
  13. Strangly crysis runs better on my pc than gtaIV?