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  1. is that your dog ( your profile pic)


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    2. Bullseye


      Yes indeed that's Bullseye SBT himself... here's another photo of him :)


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      Dogs pulling weights......never heard of it

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  2. Probably a bad suggestion, but you said it is F2P, but I wouldn't mind paying for it om steam, that way people could support the project, like they did with Black Mesa Source.. Anyway looking at the images, I have to say it is looking really good! Keep up the good work! ~John~
  3. I was about to do the same but NotGigo beat me to it.... yes look at the readme... also Leaf put a thread up with all the cheats that have been added to it... Things to do in BTTF:LC 1.1B Enjoy
  4. Nice! will the new game have the same interface as the GTA III mod & the free roam elements like GTA?
  5. Fullscreen doesn't work for me & is there anyway to change the resolution?
  6. I just grabbed the 1.1 patch from the R* website & it worked
  7. press ; on the keyboard of course it needs to be the BTTF II Del, but if you go to 2015 or beyond all cars will go into hover mode except for the ordinary Del for some reason, but still it's an awesome mod, it's just a shame it will never be finished
  8. Just done a fresh install of GTA III, ran it as normal, worked perfect, installed 1.1B & got the same result.... is the BTTF .exe file not compatible with the 1.1 patch which I had to install to get gta3 to run on Win 7, is US version different to the UK version? Edit: I copied the contents of the audio folder on the CD ROM over to the Audio folder on the hard drive it's not demanding disc 2 anymore & it now runs... however I am still getting: BTTFLC_SCREWUP_FAILED_TO_OPEN_MP3_REPORT and BTTFLC_SCREWUP_WINDOW_FORMAT_MISMATCH
  9. When I try to run the game with 1.1B installed, it asks for disc 2 even though disc 2 is in the drive..... Plus I get a couple of error messages saying that I need to tell you about them.. BTTFLC_SCREWUP_FAILED_TO_OPEN_MP3_REPORT and BTTFLC_SCREWUP_WINDOW_FORMAT_MISMATCH
  10. I have an issue with the current version of BTTF:LC everytime I go to change the screen resolution it crashed back to desktop & doesn't save the settings, I am guessing this is due to a bug because if I need to minimize it to look at something on the desktop it will crash & close then & when I change the screen resolution normally it will go back to desktop but the settings are normally saved, but not with this mod installed, it crashes, close & don't save the settings, is there a way to set the resolution before opening the game, this is the CD-ROM version not the steam version..... Thanks in advance. ~John~