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  1. I this still in the works in any way?
  2. I wish you luck on the new project and can't wait to beta test it (if possible) and play the product.
  3. I know it has nothing to do with it but it was still fun messing around with it.
  4. That actually sounds really good Mike. Btw, any chance we'll get K.I.T.T back? I miss that car so much.
  5. Have you tested it with the lighting strike? It used to be a white line just like in the movie, it would be strange if they changed it to a grate.
  6. ^ which is all a part of fixing rockstar's hack engine which is stable in itself, but the moment a mod touches it, it acts like a monkey loose in a kitchen.
  7. I wasn't planning on it being a permanent fix, just need it to run quieter for a few days until i can get my hands on a new cooler which will be DeepCool Gamma Archer (everything above is wayyy out of my budget). I'll also need to build styrofoam stands for my pc since it's vibrating my desk a bit (4 fan cooling system inside the case).
  8. Exactly. Guess this stuff's similar, at least what i've read about it. Hopefully it helps out a bit.
  9. Shipping from ebay would cost more than the fan itself (i live in Serbia), and fans are not exactly that cheap that i can just go out tomorrow and buy a new one. I just need a temporary solution for a short while till i can buy a half decent fan.
  10. Actually, i can't afford a new fan at this point, that's why i wanted to oil it.
  11. So the damn thing's gotten very loud. In any situation i'd buy a new one, but since i can't i have to resort to opening it up and oiling it. Would spindle oil work? I'm assuming grease that i use for skate bearings wouldn't work.
  12. To load a saved game, you have to start a new game. Once the new game loads, you can go ahead and load your saved game from the menu.
  13. I actually did use the manual installer to install the mod, the error is still there. Will try the new method soon, gotta change computer case, this one is loud as hell and it sucks.
  14. Please post some screenshots or something when possible, definitely loving this idea.