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  1. Yeah, that bug was there even before the first update. That happened to me too the only time I could make it work when 0.2f was released.
  2. Thanks, at first I was hesitating about what section I had to post this. xd Glad you liked it Mike If I find other bugs, I'll try to fix them by my own and share with you what I do.
  3. Since I have a lot of free time :v I'm sharing with you some fixes and adjustments I've made to the script. They include: Mini-Me's fixes for JVT re-entry and 'ERROR' light (http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/5805-time-train-reenters-at-low-speed-after-update/ , http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/5812-error-light-bug/) Lightning strike crash fix. Adjustments to the Lightning Run particle effects, hook and camera coordinates. Traffic and pedestrians removal from the Hill Valley area (Nov 12 1955 after 21:00). Not a big deal, just some value changes and a few lines of code added. Please let me know what you think and if they worked for you. main.sc main.scm Timetravel.sc Environment.sc HillValley.sc
  4. Oh, my bad. This is what happens when one doesn't read the Terms and Conditions :S I've deleted the file from OneDrive.
  5. I edited the HillValley.sc file leaving the "in_zone" line commented and replacing it with the line above of it. 00F6: player $PLAYER_CHAR 0 -1552.781 907.9139 32.1378 radius 50.0 50.0 50.0 //0121: player $PLAYER_CHAR in_zone 'Hill_V' // Hill Valley It worked for me, the game doesn't crash when doing the Lightning Run.
  6. Before the update, I was able to perform the lightning run after doing these steps: Take the DeLorean at Vercetti's and convert it to BTTF1 Time Machine with hook.Put up the hook right after.Pick up the plutonium, escape the libyans and travel to Nov 12 1955 10:03 PMWatch the lightning strike the Clocktower.Go back to 10:02 PM at the starting line.Wait until the car clock rings and go at 88 MPH towards the cable.Watch the cutscene.Now, when I do the 4th step, the game just crashes.
  7. Hi. It's been a while since the last time I posted something here in the forums. I decided to give 0.2f a try and I'm really enjoying it with my brother. Great work guys! I know there are some bugs to squash, but I wanted to show you what just happened to me. I've been trying to do the lightning run in Nov 12 1955 at 10:04 P.M. but the game crashes as the lightning strikes the Clocktower. So, I decided to try with the RC just to see if it worked, and it did! Luck? I don't know. But after that I got this: As you can see, the hook model that appears after the DeLorean is gone is missing. Also, when the car appears, it still has the hook attached. Dunno if this was acknowledged before, but I hope this can be addressed in the next release. Thanks for your attention. -Carlos
  8. Hey man, happy birthday! :)

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      Yikes! I hadn't noticed your message until now. Thank you so much! :)

  9. My turn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXdIRg6C6o8
  10. hey i want the malfunction code for bttf 2 delorean ... pls give me the link

  11. It's a repetitive vicious circle: something changes, anger everywhere and then everybody gets accustomed. Something changes again, anger everywhere, etc, etc, etc, for ever and ever. (Hello again btw)
  12. HAHAHAHA!!! That video is so old, when I didn't have a GPU. I still have the sound and the code
  13. It might be a particle problem (configuration or texture).