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  1. So why did you have make a place for requests and all the requests we have done the reply was 'no' or 'it takes much coding space' or 'it will slow down the release of 0.2f' (because the release of 0.2f is already slowed down becuase it have taked more than a year) please sorry guys I have to tell that
  2. I'm' really want to all deloreans to be slowed down but a little bit but not too much .... And I have another request, its possible to add more delorean sounds? , for exemple when its acelerating? sorry bad english!!!
  3. But I think the delorean to be a litle more slower on 0.2f (please tell me that you are still making 0.2f). Or make the delorean slower when he reach 80mph! this will make more dificult this is my request
  4. Hi! It's possible to make a litle more difficult to all Deloreans to reach 88mph? I think that's Delorean is too fast to reach 88mph (In the movie requires a lot of space to reach 88mph ,and in the mod not!) (And e have seen the bttf trilogy many times , and i see that a lot of times the flux dispersal begin when the Delorean reach 88mph) It's possible to make this in the mod? thanks sorry for the bad english!