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  1. Type "seaways" in the pause screen of the game, then drive your delorean on water.
  2. Actually, I was attempting to be sincere so you would continue doing what you enjoy, without being angry the team wont use them. (They respect Carlos' models too much, and they include all time travel parts from all movies.) well either scenario is a win
  3. CLOSED boobs + car = good (also no one would notice if I hadn't opened my mouth)
  4. Here is everything you need to know about the BTTF DAY update of 0.2f. Plus some fukery.
  5. It's your game, you are free to do whatever you please. If you like the forza model more, use it! I swap models all the time. It's also always fun to edit models too. EDIT: Lol half of the active members are staff of some sort.
  6. All I meant is you didn't render/texture the models. But they seem to be converted nicely. Good job! Not like I could do that, or my game would be full of better cars than the current randomly added time-specific vehicles. (The ones never seen in the movie)
  7. So you mean after you have used all 6 you can't get more? I've never used all 6 not sure if this is a bug guys.
  8. I don't hate the models! Forza is badass! But they are not yours so I'm confused why you are getting offended/defensive over them. Oh that emoticon, I'm sorry what I meant was This is one of my life goals EDIT: Keep loving back to the Future
  9. I'm 23. Close though I respect that. Also its not a matter of someone's computer being able to run it, its that the Vice City couldn't handle it. Mini-Me put it best by saying it would be prone to crashes by exceeding the game engine's limits. Also
  10. Did you leave the Delorean, go to the rear of the car, and press TAB to refill? Also... What?
  11. Models get outdated. Why does that make them bad? You rip them from Vice City into GTA V sure it looks like s**t it wasn't made for that game. Half of the models made by the team in 0.2f are new. Made recently. Making them in date? idontgetit. I would like to watch this guy play Back to the Future on the NES and complain about that not being "HQ" <- that's the only time I've ever heard someone use that instead of Hi-Res.
  12. No no no, it has not wheels because it is a 2015 hover car. I go over this "feature" of having no wheels in my videos.
  13. If you ask me I am fine with it on a personal level but I know children watch/play this mod. However GTA is not for children, and has violence and nipples in it anyways. But they are video game nipples. Much less attractive than the real/copyrighted image in the car.
  14. I don't remember 0.2e coming with all these models in the square? I am pretty sure the square in 0.2e was just the early models with shiitake textures. And the rest of hill valley was a fan mad add on.
  15. This happened to me in my stream of the game. This is why I thought I simply didn't know the button combo and it was an old combo from 0.2e. I knew I wasn't crazy when everyone was yelling at me saying I should read the manual for key mappings..